Business women of the Internet and their travel choices

Young woman and laptop on bedAfter reading a very interesting post on the differences between male and female travelers on the 501Places blog, and having too many comments on what was said about women and their concerns while traveling , I thought to keep the comment short and turn the rest into a post over here.

A few things about me, the Travel Wizard. First off, I live on the Internet. It’s where I talk to my clients and my friends (real-life and virtual alike), it’s where my blogs and business are located, it’s where I do business and where I fuel my passion for writing. I do go out a lot, but I have a smart phone with an internet connection, a laptop and a netbook. And a lot of my friends are like me. Oh, yeah, and I almost forgot to mention traveling is my drug of choice!

So here’s what’s important for this type of woman tourist!

Choosing a hotel

Wi-fi is the king of all that’s important when selecting a hotel. If times are tough and the hotels in the area present fewer options, we’ll go for wired internet as well. Worse case scenario? Written note from hotel managers that there’s a coffee show around the corner with good wi-fi.

We have blogs to check, business to take care of, tons of spam emails to delete, the works!

Location, location, location! The hotel should either be very close to the sights we’re interested in, or the business center we need to get to, or at least 2 minutes away from public transportation. Travel time is holly! It shall not be wasted on long drives or bus rides that take forever!

Of course, it should be clean! And my personal favorite – great breakfast! I tend to skip breakfast in my everyday life, so it kind of turns into a ritual when I’m traveling.

At the airport

We need to be there on time! 1-2 hours early. Cause missing a flight is out of the question! It never takes too long to have everything checked and approved, so there’d better be enough chairs to sit on to read a book/watch a movie on the computer etc. My personal thanks to all airports that allow me to plug in my laptop and have enough battery during the actual flight 😉

I admit I am a sucker for duty free. And I buy two things: perfume and cosmetics. I have expensive tastes in both so why not save some money? Oh, yeah, and local sweets if I didn’t have time before the airport to have something to be able to give my friends a taste of where I’ve been.

On arrival

The fastest we’re out of there, the better. I always pray the luggage comes in fast, mine wasn’t lost and I can be out in the blink of an eye. Why? Remember what I’ve told you about travel time being sacred?

In the rental car/cab/shuttle

Way too excited about being there to worry about last night. There’s planning to do, places to see, people to get to know. Souvenirs to buy! Busy-bees all the way. Plus, if the airport is far enough, that gives us time for mental notes with sights to be added to the list.

This is, of course, a biased approach! So please read the original post and let us know what your take is on women, men, traveling and what makes us tick!

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