New Video-on-demand Service for Airlines Works without Broadband Equipment

In-flight entertainment is extremely important, especially on long flights, and is definitely a contributor to travelers’ choices in airlines. An 8 to 12 hour flight with no movies, TV shows, sport broadcasts or other services would definitely be harder to bear for passengers. Row 44 has just launched a new video-on-demand service for virtually any commercial airline in the world which works even without their planes being broadband-equipped. The ne w service grants access to an extensive video library, including movies, TV episodes and bookable destination services, all through the wireless capabilities of traveler’s devices: smart phones, tablets or laptops.

Row 44 is indeed making a smart move: it allows airlines to stop worrying about on-board entertainment equipment, while still offering passengers extensive options to fight in-flight boredom and make their travel experience a more pleasant one. Most travelers, business or leisure, have at least one gadget with WiFi connectivity, therefore they come with their very own broadcasting equipment.


Airlines that acquire the new Row 33 on-demand video service will have access to their content library,, which is often updated via WiFi, and then stream wirelessly to traveler’s smartphones, tablets or laptops. The service also offers real-time inventory of different tourists activities bookable during the flight, such as concerts, sport events, car rental services and more. These destination services are currently available for 140 cities from across the world.

This service comes as a standalone Wi-Fi entertainment solution to make it affordable to all airlines.  They can deliver personalized in-flight entertainment by taking advantage of the devices passengers already carry with them.

“Row 44’s wireless video-on-demand opens up an innovative platform for any airline to generate incremental revenue while delighting their customers,” said Travis Christ, Chief Sales Officer for Row 44. “Uncoupling Row 44’s video-on-demand solution from our In-Flight Broadband Entertainment Platform means that even an airline not yet ready to commit to broadband connectivity can still offer passengers a personalized in-flight entertainment experience, delivered right to their own Wi-Fi devices. This standalone VoD offering will also enable an airline to scale up quickly and cost-effectively to full broadband connectivity when they are ready.”

He added: “Leveraging their passengers’ own smart phones and laptops also means airlines can offer this entertainment service without having to incur the cost, weight and installation time of adding legacy in-flight entertainment hardware such as seatback screens. This service represents a win-win for airlines and their customers.”

Row 44 designed this standalone Wi-Fi entertainment service, independent of the company’s In-Flight Broadband Entertainment Platform, to give airlines a low-cost opportunity to deliver personalized in-flight entertainment that leverages passengers’ own Wi-Fi devices. Because the solution comprises several components in Row 44’s broadband solution, airlines can install this lower-cost Wi-Fi offering and inexpensively scale up to Row 44’s full-scale Broadband Entertainment Platform at any time.

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