Best Places to Go Hitchhiking

Hitch the world

With more travel comes the need for different kinds of adventure. One can experience adventures on land, in the mountains, on water, deep inside it, in the air or in any together in a combination of any. Hitchhiking is one such adventure all the trekkers and adventure enthusiasts should go on.

Hitchhiking is also known as thumbing, hitching, or auto stop. It is a use transportation gained by asking strangers, for a ride in their vehicle.The ride may or may not be free. But the experience will have a high value. Hitchhiking is legal in some countries and illegal in others.

Not just for hippies, hitchhiking is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to travel on a budget, and make a few new friends in the process. Before going out on you first hitchhike mission, keep in mind, you need  etiquette, common sense, and an opposable thumb. But remember, don’t use the thumb when in Thailand or the Middle East. It is complicated to decide which one and where to go. We’ll make it easier for you. Here are some best places to go hitchhiking:


This is the best place to go as it is mandatory for government vehicles to pick up hitchhikers. So cool right. Hitchhiking is largely encouraged since there are few cars in Cuba. They also have designated spots for hitchhikers.


Hitchhiking is common  in Israel and also has designated waiting locations called trempiyadas. Travelers who want rides (those who hare hitchhikers) are called trempists. These are mainly located at junctions of highways or on main roads just outside the city.


Here, hitchhiking is predominantly present in the rural areas. Mainly because a lot of people do not own cars. Hitchhiking is legal here and Nepal also boasts a large range of scenic beauty. So its the perfect place to go.


Hitchhiking is legal here too and there are official signs that will show you where to wait for a ride. Such locations are called liftershalte and are very common in university towns. Being a part of Europe, Netherlands boasts a beauty to its best. Cities like Amsterdam are no behind. So a perfect blen of nature and modern culture, Netherlands makes for the perfect Hitchhiking location.


Hitchhiking in Poland has a popular and long history. It was formalized in 1957, enabling hitchhikers to even buy coupons from travel agencies along with hitchhiking guides. Located in the Scandinavian region, Poland is a mere beauty. With easy access to nature and cities all the same, you cannot afford to miss Poland if you want to hitchhike around the world.

United States:

Hitchhiking in the United States became a popular method of travel since the Great Depression. Inspite of various warnings of picking up hitchhikers being widely publicized, it Still was part of the American thought process,  even in states where the practice had been declared illegal. In the present hitchhiking is legal in 44 states given that the hitchhiker is not hindering the roadway the normal flow of traffic.


Germans are unusually okay with picking up strangers. This is the best way to travel across this large country. Although you cannot Thumb a ride directly since it is illegal, you can do so at service stations, or within towns.

Not many people will like the concept of hitchhiking while so many go for it. But this is one of the best ways to explore the world on a budget and also make connections across.