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Frost & Sullivan: Tablets are the future of in flight entertainment

25 July 2012 The Asia Pacific branch of business development consulting firm Frost & Sullivan predicts that tablets will replace all other devices currently used for in flight entertainment. Airlines, they say, will realize ... read more

New Video-on-demand Service for Airlines Works without Broadband Equipment

28 March 2012 In-flight entertainment is extremely important, especially on long flights, and is definitely a contributor to travelers’ choices in airlines. An 8 to 12 hour flight with no movies, TV shows, ... read more

Qantas Pushes the Boundaries of In-flight Entertainment

16 August 2011 Qantas Pushes the Boundaries of In-flight Entertainment When it comes to long-haul air travelling, in-flight entertainment is something passengers do think about. Killing a few hours watching a movie or documentary is certainly a plus, but are ... read more