New Travel App HipGeo Creates Location-Based Story Streams

HipGeo is the latest travel app to reach the online community. It takes stories shared on several social networks and creates location-based story streams that can be later shared on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, within the HipGeo community or with email lists. HipGeo’s mapmation and time and location-stamped virtual journals are what set this travel app apart, useful to capture both local experiences or adventurous trips.

HipGeo also comes with a crowd-sourcing and broadcast platform that allows users to share photos and videos based on an event they attend or a common location. Yet the most important feature is that of unifying content - grouping together disparate mobile photos, videos and text that pertain to a certain location and rendering it as a storytelling stream. It also features a Trip Player and Day Map which follow users’ movements between taking photos, videos and writing about what happens or what they experience on each location.

A very useful feature is the background mode posting – when travelling abroad and turning off data services, the HipGeo app allows you to store photos and videos for later publishing. It automatically saves your journals and only posts them when Wi-Fi is available.


“We believe that the most memorable experiences–those we want to capture, share and inspire others with–are typically closely meshed to a physical place,” said Rich Rygg, co-founder of HipGeo. “As a result, an app and a community must enable physical and emotional context. Whether it’s a local bike ride, dinner at a new restaurant or a trip across the world, HipGeo is the unifying bond that ties your captured mobile memories, with your location and automatically enriches the connections you make with others.”

The app comes with an online community that helps users find inspiration in experiences shared by others. App developers state the community builds a virtual village of local and long distance travelers where users discover and research locations to visit or simply enjoy the adventures of others.

The HipGeo app is free and is available for iOS only. Android users interested in the app can only hope for a future release for this mobile platform.

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