Essential Camera Apps for Your iPhone

Essential Camera Apps for Your iPhone

Your rear-facing iPhone camera takes high-quality, high-resolution photographs that are simply incredible. It rivals any digital camera, and for iPhone users, it usually replaces theirs altogether. When you use your iPhone to capture so many important photographs, it’s nice to have some additional tools on hand to make them the best they can possibly be. Here are those five essential camera apps.

Essential Camera Apps for Your iPhone

Camera+; $0.99

This is hands-down the best iPhone camera-enhancing app you can purchase. Camera+ enhances just about every feature the iPhone camera offers, and it gives you even more options to help you get the best shots. It has the superb ability to focus, zoom, and light up photos with extra flash. There are dozens of effects and scene modes, borders, easy cropping tools, and grid lines when you want them. Its stabilizing feature also steadies the camera so a little hand movement won’t mess up the photo. If you are only going to get one camera app for your iPhone, get this one. Everyone who enjoys taking photos should have it in their app library.

Instagram; Free

You’ve undoubtedly heard about Instagram or seen your friend’s Instagram photos coming up in your Facebook and Twitter newsfeeds. It’s the latest, hottest trend in social networking, and as an iPhone camera user you need to get on board. More than 15 million users already share their photos via Instagram. When you create your account, you can use a variety of filters that will make your photos look just plain awesome. Share them with your friends and family, and follow those people back to see all their newest photos. You can connect and interact with so many different people, too, and you’ll get great insight into what the world looks like from iPhone cameras all over the world.

CamWow; Free

If you want even more cool effects and filters to choose from when taking pictures, download CamWow. There are about 20 different options to choose from, including x-ray, stretch, grayscale, sepia, and pop art. All of the filters look remarkably stunning, and you can transform your photos from average to amazing or funny. You can upload photos from CamWow directly to Facebook or send them via email. The best part is that you can see the effects live on your screen before you take the photo.

GifBoom: Animated GIF Camera; Free

GIFs are animated images that play like short movies. They’re usually about ten seconds long, and they show just a clip of something that plays over and over again. They’re often used to show things that are particularly funny or exciting. With GifBoom you can create your own GIFs using your iPhone’s camera. It’s easy to do, and you can use camera roll you’ve already videotaped with your iPhone or take new images. You can upload directly to Facebook, and you can browse hundreds of other GIFs.

Camera Genius; $2.99

Camera Genius is another do-it-all app for your iPhone camera that allows you to use filters and effects, crop photos, stabilize and focus, set a timer, and take bursts of photos. It also works extremely well, and it can be used instead of or in tandem with Camera+.

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