Top Travel Movies

Travel Movies

The thrill of traveling and exploring the world is unmatched. We all have been charmed by various movies over the years that have depicted the true essence of travel. These movies have taken us across continents, countries, and cities, exploring the culture and people of each destination with intricacy and love. 

Every travel movie has inspired our wanderlust and has pushed us to pack our bags and leave for that next trip. In these times of pandemic, when we are restricted to our cities and homes, travel movies will take you around the world, and guess what? You do not need to make any travel or hotel bookings! You can explore the world from the comfort of your own home wherever and whenever you want. 

Let us list a few movies that will feed the travel bug in your and keep you entertained. 

Under the Tuscan Sun 

A top romance favorite, this film is aesthetically shot against the picturesque background of rural Tuscany with stunning landscapes and natural beauty. The movie will immediately warm your heart and make you feel happy.  

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty 

This movie has invariably inspired many to travel more and explore to their heart’s content. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is a classic movie to watch with your friends and family. The film narrates the extraordinary adventures of Walter Mitty all over the world, which makes your heart crave for the next trip!  

Before Sunrise- Before Sunset and Before Midnight 

One of the most loved romantic films, these three installments bring you the charm of Europe. From Vienna, Austria in Before Sunrise to Paris, France in Before Sunset to The Greek Islands in Before Midnight, the movies transport you to the world of romance, humor, and the pleasing European cities in their full glory. 

Eat Pray Love

A film that inspires you to leave on a journey of self-exploration and discovery. Eat Pray Love takes you to enamoring Italy, culturally rich and spiritual India, and the serene and soulful Bali, Indonesia.

The Indiana Jones series 

The Indiana Jones films take you from the tropical forests of South America to the hot deserts, to the beautiful Asian continent to the various historical sites worldwide. An immersive visual experience that will enchant and thrill your senses, the Indiana Jones series is worth a watch. 


The visual and graphical extravaganza that travel movies offer can satiate the travel bug in you until things get better and the travel restrictions around the world are lifted. From the magnificent Himalayan ranges to the sun-kissed tropical beaches to the South American jungles and the European countryside, you can travel all over the world uninterrupted without an air ticket or a passport through these films. Into the Wild, Darjeeling Limited, Out of Africa, Away we Go, A Good Year, and many more are delightful travel films shot in exotic locations that will awe-inspire you.