Top 10 Budget European Destinations for 2011

This is the time to begin planning your summer holidays. But this year, many are rethinking the traditional holidays abroad because of shrinking budgets. If you’d still like to go away in 2011 but you’re afraid you won’t be able to afford it, here are the top 10 budget destinations according to industry surveys.

10. Lisbon, Portugal

There are only two other cities in Europe with cheaper average hotel rates for five-star properties. In Lisbon you can expect to pay roughly €107 per night for real luxury. Best of all, one-way flights from the UK can be had for as little as €35.

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9. Dublin, Ireland

First of all, Ireland’s exchange rates are 7% better going into this tourist season. But hotel rates are also down almost 7% since late 2009. Everything in Dublin is cheaper these days from restaurant meals to transportation to entertainment venues.

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8. Tallinn, Estonia


As Tallinn’s economy grows and Estonia emerges from its Soviet past, the city is quickly becoming one of Eastern Europe’s prime destinations. There’s no currency exchange now, and the Estonian national air carrier is set to double its flights to and from the UK, bringing airfares down.

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7. Athens, Greece

Greece has announced a reduction for 2011 in VAT for tourism. With prices falling in this most famous of Greek cities, you can stay at a hotel near the Acropolis for a mere €79 per night.

6. Berlin, Germany

In addition to being one of Europe’s coolest cities, Berlin is also among the cheapest for tourists. For example, the Die Fabrik hotel is a converted factory the charges between €52 and €71 per night for a double.

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  1. Glad to see Dublin make the list and even happier that things are going down in price as we are heading there for 2-3 months this summer! Yay!

  2. Wow, enjoy Dublin, Pete! Would love to take a tour of all these ten destinations. But I will settle for just a few of them this summer 😀

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