My Top 4 Favorite Asian Countries

Asia is one of my favorite destinations for a lot of reasons. I know I am not alone in having this preference, and it really is not a surprise. This continent covers a lot of land, countless islands, and as many diverse cultures. From food to music to architecture to nature – Asia is a traveler’s paradise.

I have spent considerable time traveling throughout Asia, and I think it would be a crime not to share my favorite destinations in this continent. While I cannot put all my experiences in one short article, I hope this will serve as an encouragement to some of you to visit my top 4 favorite Asian countries.

The Philippines

This archipelago in Southeast best Asia destinations is one of the best places to visit if you love beaches. While the beaches of Thailand, the Maldives, and Australia (just to name a few) may be widely promoted all around the world, the Philippines can more than hold its own when it comes to beaches.

Philippines - Palawan - Port Barton

Being an archipelago, the country’s coastline spans countless miles. That means beaches, of course. There are popular beaches that have already gotten attention worldwide, such as the famed Boracay, with its powdery white sands and turquoise waters. While this is the first beach in the country that I totally fell in love with, it has sadly (in my opinion) gotten too commercial and crowded for my liking. There are many other beach destinations in the Philippines that are just as beautiful, or even more beautiful, than Boracay: Bohol, Camiguin, Palawan, and Caramoan, to name a few.


Vietnam is best known for the war that was fought decades ago, perhaps, but this country has so much to offer its visitors. It does have some beaches, but they are not the main attractions in this country. When I visited Saigon, I felt like I was totally immersed in its culture and history. The effects of the war are not overwhelmingly overt, but one cannot help but feel it everywhere.

It is a modern city, but there is something in the air that I just cannot describe. I am not being dramatic, but the vibe of Saigon just had me the moment I got out of the cab in the dark alley where my hotel was at 4 in the morning. Oh, and their food is just wonderful!



Thailand is another country which has a vibe that one cannot ignore. The people are very welcoming, which seems to be a common thing among Southeast Asian cultures. If you like shopping, Bangkok is an awesome place to be – great deals everywhere! Additionally, the temples are an amazing experience, and they also have a vibrant nightlife.


If a modern bustling city is what gets you, then Singapore ought to be on your list. This city-country is very advanced, and except for the obviously Asian crowds surrounding you, you might think you’re not in Asia anymore.

I love Singapore because it is a great place to travel to alone, without having to worry about your safety. It has excellent food, arts and culture, and shopping options. I wouldn’t recommend staying there for a long time, though, as there isn’t much to do after a while. However, visiting once a year is perfect for me.

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Nadine Fuchs has always loved traveling, but in the course of her travels, she has fallen in love with Asia. She is now preparing for her next trip, which is to visit one of her favorite countries: Thailand. She will also be doing something new, which is to study in a study Thai.

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