4 Great Things to Do in Manila, the Philippines

Manila, Philippines

Manila is chameleon-like, with equal parts of kitsch and cool. However, the city offers an irreplaceable vitality that can surprise even the most travelled person. For many of us, Manila remains a destination that is less travelled and limited only to its beaches, which needless to say is the best part of the islands. This is also a city that hosts a cultural mix of Americans, Spanish, Malays, Arabs and Chinese – making its offerings rich in all aspects. It’s a place that you can embrace with all its chaos, be it for a day or even a month. Be sure to get the rewards!

Well, here are some of the most popular tourist spots in Manila that you cannot miss:

1. The Old Spanish Town – Intramuros

A colonial era vibe, Intramuros is an interesting place to idly walk around. Everything around reflects a quaint Spanish influence and it can become quite hard to believe that you are still in Asian soil! You even get to ride in horse-drawn carriages that automatically take you back to the old era. Intramuros is separated from the usual chaos of Manila with the thick surrounding world and you might feel like having stepped into a different age altogether.

2. The First Chinatown of the World – Binondo

If you have been to a few countries, it’s easy to relate how you find a Chinatown or Chinese establishment everywhere! But, this is where the trend started. Binondo is arguably the first Chinese town outside the borders of China and reveals exquisites that can take over your senses. Don’t forget to get your bowl of chow as you see the town go about in its daily routine.

3. Manila Bay Waterfront

It’s not easy escaping the sea when we talk about Manila and this brings us to the waterfront. This is THE place where you will want to witness the sunset with your loved ones. Though the huge crowd might seem discouraging, you can always be in your own thoughts and find a quiet place in the vast waterfront. Just immerse yourself into the horizon and time will have stopped!

4. Seafood at Dampa

Now, who doesn’t like seafood! Manila’s Dampa is one of the craziest seafood extravaganzas you can ever take part in. Go through the tons of catches that come in all varieties! You can actually buy yourself a kilo and walk to the nearby restaurant and ask it to be transformed into something unreal and served in a steamy platter! Some of the most popular servings include ginger fish, cheesy mussels, chilli crabs and stir-fried prawns.

While these are some of the popular offerings of the city, Manila is much more unique and interestingly bizarre. It would be recommended that you rent a house in Manila (they come cheap too) and be a part of the hustle.

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