Travel Trends: Top Romantic Fall Destinations to Explore in 2016

Top Romantic Fall Destinations to Explore in 2016

Whether you’re in love, looking to fall in love, or simply a romantic at heart, you need to know which are the top romantic fall destinations to travel to in 2016. I’ve reached out to my travel blogger friends and asked them to pick the most romantic destination they’d recommend this fall. Read on to see what they picked, and which was my top choice for a romantic trip in the 2016 autumn travel season.

Munich, Germany

Chosen by Norman from Années de Pè

One of the most romantic fall destinations I know is my hometown Munich. Truth be told, Germany is worth a visit throughout the whole year. I find it kind of sad that Munich is often reduced to Oktoberfest and ancient beer tradition. Few realize that Munich has a couple of outstanding landscape parks that will be ablaze with red and golden hues in fall. But also think beyond the city limits: There is a sheer endless amount of fairy tale castles near Bavaria’s capital. In my opinion there is no better time to visit famous castle Neuschwanstein than in early fall. Just picture yourself standing inside a red maple forest feeling like the Sleeping Beauty or Prince Charming. Other highlights, like the Romantic Road, are an easy daytrip away and offer the perfect setting for a walk with your partner. The opportunities in Munich are endless and fall usually means mild weather at half the crowd!

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Koh Tao, Thailand

Chosen by Shabir & Tara from

Our top choice for a romantic getaway would have to be Koh Tao, Thailand. We wouldn’t call ourselves a romantic couple in the stereotypical way. We enjoy each others company and doing things outdoors as a couple more than the typical romantic getaway with fancy dinners. Luckily for us we were able to enjoy both of those pass times on Koh Tao. There are boutique resorts, western restaurants, beautiful places for secluded picnics, as well as hiking, snorkelling and scuba diving a-plenty.

Two of our favourite sunset spots were on very different ends of the scale. One, John Suwan View point, involved a sweaty hike and ends in a very secluded and beautiful place for a picnic (pictured). The other was at Nang Yuan Terrace, at Dusit Bunchan resort. The restaurant here had one of the best views over Nang Yuan Island and is a great place to watch the sunset with a cocktail.

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Top Romantic Fall Destinations to Explore in 2016

Paris, France

Chosen by Lori Pascal from Travel – Moments in Time

When thinking of Paris, many people think of romance. It is a great city – and the yellow light during the evening makes it special for those who seek a lovely romantic destination. Stroll the streets, just wandering around – start from Place de la Concorde and then go on Champs-Elysees all the way to the Arc de Triomphe. You may find yourself walking in the rain like I did, but it will still be a pretty impressive trip. Don’t miss the Eiffel Tower light show – the 20,000 light bulbs create an impressive sparkling lights show (the first five minutes of each hour on the hour).

Paris is wonderful during the day too – several parks to be discovered, wonderful streets, beautiful building, lovely restaurants with local music and a romantic atmosphere: all ingredients for a perfect romantic getaway – anniversary, long weekend, etc. – all year long.

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Bordeaux, France

Chosen by Steven and Jazmin from Travel to Blank

Bordeaux is worldwide known for its wine. Bordeaux old town is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Bordeaux is a cute little town with beautiful architecture, many bars and cafes and good food to enjoy. In the fall, the city is calmer, with fewer tourists, while many vineyards are still undergoing the harvest process. Close to Bordeaux is Saint Émilion, which is another small city that you must visit while in Bordeaux.

It is perfect to go during Fall because the sunsets at the wineries are spectacular, with the red/orange leaves and the yellow tone in the sky. It is also not cold but not hot either, so it makes it enjoyable to walk around the wineries. Traveling with your love cannot get more romantic than walking around an amazing landscape with lots of wineries and an endless number of wines to try. 

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The Highlands of Scotland, United Kingdom

Selected by Nicola from FunkyEllas Travel

The Highlands of Scotland can be extremely romantic in the fall. Scotland’s fall is cold so it’s the perfect excuse to wrap up and get cosy. You can take a walk together and follow in the footsteps of famous writers such as Robert Burns and Sir Walter Scott as you explore the waterfalls, streams and mountains. Hiring a little whitewashed cottage all to yourselves means you can light the roaring fire, sip on some warming whisky and enjoy the solitude, knowing there is no one around for miles. You can snuggle under the cosy blanket, listening to the fire crackle and watch the skies come alive at sunset.

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Brasov, Romania

Chosen by Liliana from Earth’s Attractions

If you like mountains, green trees, as well as yellow and red autumn leaves on the ground, a cozy, quiet city, an impressive panorama from the top of the Tampa mountain (easy reachable by cable car), then Brasov might be a great choice for you. It may not pop up as your first autumn destination choice, but this Romanian city may end up being a great experience.

The mesmerizing scenery is completed by several interesting attractions in the area – the famous Black Church, the first Romanian School (now a museum), the Rope Street with it’s amazing history, the Council Square, and more. It’s a great city to explore on foot (so perfect for outdoor lovers) – many lovely houses dating back centuries, museums, towers, bastions, and more – and perfect for those who want to be in a city, but without the hassle of a crowded one.

Top Romantic Fall Destinations to Explore in 2016

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Prague, The Czech Republic

Alina & Travel Tweaks’ Top Romantic Choice for this Fall!

The gorgeous architecture, the dramatic sunsets, the romantic walks down Charles Bridge, guarded by the many statues adorning it, everything about Prague is Romantic. The history and architecture dating back to medieval times, mixed with modern shopping malls, quaint cafes, and warm, cozy restaurants, give this European capital a unique atmosphere. It doesn’t really matter when you travel, Prague and the Czech Republic will steal your heart. If you’re into the more unusual dates, try taking your partner to the Torture Museum 😉 I loved this place so much, I visited twice already and I plan to go back in the future!

Did you enjoy the seven top romantic fall travel destinations for 2016 that we’ve chosen? Which is your favorite? What other destination would you recommend for a romantic getaway this autumn? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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