Top 5 Beaches in Thailand

Thailand is an incredible country, bursting with a rich heritage and long history. Although there are countless reasons to visit the incredible nation, many travelers head there with only one thing on their minds. That thing, in most instances, is a chance to relax on the world’s most beautiful beaches. Thailand has an extensive coastline, and combined with the enviable tropical climate the result is one of the top coastal locations on earth. While there are countless beaches to choose from in Thailand, these are the top picks for an upcoming vacation:

1. Pattaya


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This seaside destination tops the list for obvious reasons. The sandy beach stretches for three kilometers, and is covered in a pristine white sand that leads straight to the warm blue water. Just north and south of the main Pattaya beach are other popular beaches, each as beautiful but most far less busy. Situated along the beach are dozens of shops, restaurants, bars and attractions making it an exciting and popular destination.

2. Chaweng

This beach is found on the island of Ko Samui, which is a popular beach resort location in itself. Chaweng in particular is more than 4 miles long, and boasts stunning white sand every step of the way. There are several hotels located right along the beach, providing ideal access for tourists from around the world. Stick to the edges of the beach and you will have privacy and a calm atmosphere, or head to the center for the action, including shopping and dining during the day, as well as parties and full bars each night.


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3. Patong

This attractive beach is the most popular on the island of Phuket, and in fact the most visited in all of Thailand. With beautiful scenery, countless attractions and a thriving nightlife every day of the year, Patong is best for those looking for nonstop excitement.

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4. Hua Hin


This nearly isolated beach is one of the best for those looking for a quiet getaway. Although it is not a top destination for diving or snorkeling, the gentle slope of the shore into the calm waters makes it ideal for children, and the distinct lack of nightclubs offers some quiet for those looking for a more relaxing vacation.


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5. Ko Chang

The island of Ko Chang was once considered to be a more secret destination, favored by backpackers looking for a less commercialized beach paradise. Today there is certainly more tourism in Ko Chang than a decade ago, but with extensive coastlines it is still possible to find a stretch of beach entirely deserted. Water recreation activities abound, with opportunities to try snorkeling, scuba diving, sailing or even yoga on the beach at sunrise. For a mostly unspoiled beach destination, Ko Chang is your best choice.

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Whether you are looking for a wild beach destination full of nightlife like Patong, a quiet family getaway like Hua Hin or an island still relatively undiscovered like Ko Chang, Thailand has it all.

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