The World’s Most Incredible Train Journeys

I find train travel magical. Sometimes magic happens on trains – you can meet people, eat, and sleep with steel wheels swooping under you. Sometimes the magic is inside, in the landscape where trains travel, adventure, and experience an insight into national life. Where do magical powers go? Find inspiration for traveling by train with this fantastic trip from our site, The Amazing Train Journey—most beautiful scenery train in the world.

10 of The Most Scenic Train Rides in The World

The most epic rail journeys bring the reader a feeling of surprise that is seldom matched by other forms of transportation today. Flying is fantastic, but you’re millions of feet away from the ground. Driving can be helpful if you stop where you wish, but it keeps you focused on traffic and not fully taking part in the landscape. Most scenic train routes are just relaxing to watch as landscapes roll in your direction on the train. It is a step away from all that life demands. People rarely choose to ride the railway for the best possible price or convenience.

Snowdon Mountain Railway, Wales

When looking at incredible views from across the British countryside and rolling hills, there is no better journey than the Welsh Snowdon Mountain Railway. This great railway trip offers rides through majestic Snowdonia Mountain, famous for its stunning scenery. A 450-meter lift will transport passengers to an elevated level to enjoy an enlightening climb to the highest mountain. Snowdon Mountain Railway As you leave Llanterris, you will pass Victorian passages, Afon rivers, and the Cunant Mawr waterfalls. See the remains of stone cottages once inhabited by farm families, wildlife like the peregrine falcon and goats, and an excellent view of the country.

Adirondack Scenic Railroad – New York, United States

The Upstate NY area is ideal for getting lost in gorgeous greenery and visiting picturesque townships that appear untouched from time. The Adirondack Mountains provide ideal conditions for an excursion on the Adirondack Scenic Rail journey. Select one or two routes of travel between Utica and Thendara (Old Forge) and experience a train ride through forests and multiple streams. The trip takes about 1 – 2 hours, while the roundtrip trip takes approximately 4-1/2 hours. Make sure to include the opportunity to visit and explore the historic Forge region when looking for an authentic upstate New York experience.

Bernina Express, Switzerland

This spectacular train runs between Chur and Saint Moritz and takes you eastwards on a spectacular three-hour great rail journey. The Bernina Express reaches 54 passages, 196 bridges, and 3 of the 4 Swiss languages (Italian, Romansh, and German). The railway runs 190 km. Andrea Badrutt, on a European rail tour, 90 miles of spectacular mountain scenery will pass through it for your pleasure. With panoramic views, you can’t stop taking photographs. Highlights are the protected Landwasser tunnels from Harry Potter films.

Inca Rail First-Class – Machu Picchu, Peru

The Inca Rail First Class train is not only an excellent alternative to Machu Picchu, but it is also the most efficient. Large, comfortable seated seats and large windows help you relax and enjoy the ride from Ollantaytambo to Aguasientes on Machu Picchu.

In fact, for the entire trip to where we’re going, we may have even visited Cusco and the wonderful sacred valley region of Peru. It’s an essential step before you go on to visit Machu Picchu for yourself. Heading into the Andean jungle and following the Urubamba River is an excellent precursor to an event of magnitude on the mountain tops.

Rauma Railway, Norway

For the most stunning train ride in European history, Norway’s Rauma Railway transports you through secluded places with breathtaking scenery. It’s a distance of 113 km between the leafy village Dombas and Andalnes famous mountain town. On your train ride, you will visit fjords, valleys, lakes, mountains, and forests. The train also traverses 33 bridges and passes seven distinct tunnels. Try: Country Living’s extraordinary 21-day Scandinavian rail adventure will be held on Rauma Railways between February 2022 and November 2022.

Sri Lanka Railways – Sri Lanka Railways

If you have seen a photograph of people standing in a blue train amidst lush green foliage, you may be familiar with Sri Lanka Railways’ journey from Kandy. Although it’s possible that hanging on objects with movable speeds isn’t recommended, don’t miss out on a train trip from the city center of Kandy to the small town of Ella. The journey is approximately seven-hours and offers views over tea plantations, forests, bridges, and villages. You should not buy first-class tickets on your travel itinerary because you’ve never met the locals or seen a window.

California Zephyr – United States

If trains travel across the country, make it one you want to do, and then take a ride to California Zephyr. This Amtrak train route runs from Chicago to California Emeryville (San Francisco), taking over 45 hours. During this route, stops are made in Nebraska, Colorado, Utah, and Nevada. There are many options to create a customized itinerary that includes jumping into Colorado, landing in Nevada, or getting off. Several scenic highlights feature mountains such as the Rocky Mountains and the Sierra Nevada. You can even view the San Pablo Bay and Carquinez Strait during your journey.

Jacobite Steam Train, Scotland

Jacobite steam trains in the Scottish Highlands show how easy it is to travel far for a great ride. A stunning train ride delights passengers in the Harry Potter movies starring in the Hogwart Express.

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Shutterstock Starting near the highest British mountain Ben Nevis, this 84-kilometer roundtrip is a perfect opportunity to see the stunning wilderness of Scotland. You will pass by Glenfinnan viaduct 21 and visit Mallaig (an excellent fish restaurant). During the clear day, you can see isles like Rum, Eig Muck, and the Southern Skye during this beautiful journey.

Ffestiniog Railway, Wales

Established in 1832, Ffestiniog trains travel thirteen and a half miles between Porthmadog’s harbor and slate-quarrying village Blaenau Ffestiniog. During this train journey, the train climbs up 700 feet. The view is fantastic and offers some beautiful scenery. It’ll appear on the original Instagram account. This content can also be found in a different format, or if you are interested, you can look at their website. It takes you through the mountainous forest and a dazzling waterfall. Highlights are horseshoes curved along mountain edges.

Bure Valley Railway, England

The world’s greatest rail journey, The Bure Valley Railway, runs from the market town of Aylsham to the thriving Broad village of Wroxham. The flight covers nine miles of scenery and stops in beautiful villages. The station offers a cafe, souvenirs, and model railway shops. If you are searching for similar material, you can find them on a different site, or you can look for information from the website. At Wroxham Station, there are second-hand booksellers selling almost 1,000 copies.


With this said and done, you now have a good reason to back your back and take the time to travel on the railway as you will be enjoying some amazing scenery on your way. You won’t even feel detached from your everyday activities as today steam rolls have Wi-Fi, so you won’t be stopped from enjoying your favorite games on casino Martini while on the railway.