Make Your Holiday Road Trip More Comfortable

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The holiday season is on its way, which means families all over the country are preparing to spend some quality time away from home to kick back and relax. If you’re planning to get to your destination by car rather than airplane or train this year, you may be worried that the travel aspect of your holiday could put a dampener on the whole experience. Rest assured, there are many ways to make road trips comfortable and fun, as well as cost-effective. Use these tips to make sure you travel in comfort.

  1. Keep the sunshine at bay. This is a great tip if you’re travelling with small children who may get hot and grouchy in the back seat if they’re driving all day with the hot summer sun shining through onto their skin. Protect them from harmful rays and make sure they’re relaxed and able to have naps when they need to by getting tinted windows for your vehicle. This is especially important if you have a baby on board – they can easily become overheated and even unwell if the glare is too intense.
  2. Take plenty of stops. There’s no better way to prevent road trip bad moods and physical discomfort than by making sure you plan plenty of roadside stops into your itinerary. Schedule regular breaks for the family to get out and stretch their legs, use the restroom, and grab a meal or snacks. Do some research and plan ahead so you know the best places to stop along your route for scenic views and delicious food.

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  1. Take a break overnight. Even if you and your road trip partner are taking turns behind the wheel, everyone involved will feel a whole lot more comfortable if you plan an overnight stop for trips that take more than a day in travel time. Not only is driving through the night dangerous as you could very easily grow weary behind the wheel; it also sets everyone up to feel stiff and achy by morning. Invest in a decent motel room for an overnight stay instead – it may mean your travel time is longer, but you won’t win any awards for getting to your destination in record time.
  2. Make the car cosy. For a long trip, especially with children, you should aim to make the car as cosy as possible so everyone gets maximum comfort and can enjoy the journey. You can do this by bringing blankets and pillows to set up a comfortable backseat area and ensure that the air conditioning or heating are set to the right temperature. If you’re travelling with small children, you may want to bring relaxing music to play to create a tranquil atmosphere while you drive and to encourage naps when necessary.
  3. Bring along the fun. When the kids aren’t napping, they’ll definitely need to be entertained if you want the whole family to feel happy and comfortable throughout the trip. Bring plenty of music, tasty snacks, games they can play in the car, toys they love, as well as electronic devices and portable chargers for easy entertainment. If only adults are involved then you can stock up on audiobooks, podcasts and your favourite travel music playlist to make sure you’re as comfortable as possible until you reach your holiday destination.