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Travel Deal Tips: Last Minute Cruises

8 May 2013 Looking for a fantastic last minute cruise bargain? You’ll find a fabulous choice online through major cruise operators and travel agents, so if you’re after a spontaneous break with a ... read more

How to Find the Best Airline Deals

22 March 2011 How to Find the Best Airline Deals In the early days, everything used to be simpler. There were only 2 kinds of fares, coach and class, and prices changed so rarely that airlines used to print them ... read more

Top Tips for Last Minute Sun Seekers

16 March 2011 Has the cold winter taken its toll? Decided that you are in desperate need of a break or an early taste of summer sun? If you are looking to take ... read more

Photo Wednesday – Hidden Beaches of Sardinia

21 July 2010 If you’re planning a beach holiday in Sardinia, there are a few things you should know. Most of the smaller, quieter, private beaches are hidden, or at least they seem ... read more