Photo Wednesday – Hidden Beaches of Sardinia

If you’re planning a beach holiday in Sardinia, there are a few things you should know. Most of the smaller, quieter, private beaches are hidden, or at least they seem so. No signs pointing you in the wrong direction, minuscule entrances that you’d hardly know lead you in the right way, few people walking by to give you directions, they’re already sun bathing or swimming!

Yet you know they’re there, you’ve heard of them and feel like spending an afternoon on a semi-deserted beach where it’s quiet enough to have a pleasant conversation, read a book, or fall asleep to the sound of the waves.

So what can a tourist do to reach these pieces of heaven?

First off, you need to say away from the hyped up beaches that are overly crowded with tourists. Rent a car, get a map or a local guide (if you’re lucky enough to have friends there) and go exploring. You can actually go beach hopping – meaning you never have to come back to the same beach while you’re there!