How to find the best airline deals

In the early days, everything used to be simpler. There were only 2 kinds of fares, coach and class, and prices changed so rarely that airlines used to print them on their schedules.

Nowadays, finding the best airline deal is quite a challenge as prices change literally by the second. The removal of prices from travel websites by some airlines also makes the job of finding an airline deal difficult.

There are however a few steps you may want to consider if you wish to find the deal that suits you the most.

Here are some of the most important do’s according to USA Today:

Sign up for free airfare alerts
Most of the best airfare search and travel websites like,,,,, and or offer e-mail alerts on price reduction. Subscribe to these services and let them do the job for you

Get e-mail from your airlines
Subscribe to alerts and e-mail from as many airlines as you can stand. You may never know when the deal of the month pops up and from where.

Next step: ask yourself, Are you a flexible flier?
If you are a flexible flyer and don’t depend on one airline or some specific flight conditions, you will definitely find the best deals money can buy.

“Meta search” vs. online travel agency (OTA)
While travel agencies may have agents ready to help you to book or re-book your flight, search engines may send you to the spot-on web-site where you can find your deal. It ultimately is a matter of choice.

Airline websites sometimes have the best fares
A late trend show that airlines to not always share their best deals with specialised web-sites like Orbitz or Kayak.
This means that once you have found a fare to your liking you check the airline websites for better deals.

When to use your miles
As a general rule:25,000 miles instead of $400 or more for economy class is a good deal. You can also use your miles to upgrade your ecnomy class seat.

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