Summer 2011 is Coming: Time to Cruise

Time to Cruise

So you’ve travelled the whole of England. You’ve seen Kent. You’ve been to Stonehenge. You’ve done everything an Englishman is expected to do. That doesn’t leave you with much choice. You might as well sit home and flip through the channels, or go down to the pub for another pint. Travel-wise there’s nothing more to do, right? Hold your horses right there! There’s a whole world waiting for you; waiting to be explored; waiting to be discovered; waiting to treat you to its delicacies, its wonders.

And what better way to discover the world than by taking a lovely cruise aboard a fantastic luxury cruise liner such as one from Princess cruises or other high end vessels? You have to admit; this is one of the best ways to travel; no traffic lights, a wide horizon, endless fun and exotic destinations. It makes perfect sense, if you think about it.

But where should you go?

The possibilities are endless. Summer cruises come in all shapes and sizes. You could take a cruise to the Iberian Peninsula. You could consider taking an Indian Ocean summer cruise and visit the fantastic Dubai where you can shop till you drop, or perhaps opt for a trip down the majestic Nile to discover the many riches of Egypt. If you feel that those options are too close to home, sail down to South Africa, and spend some time in the magnificent city of Cape Town.

View Table Bay from the top of Table Mountain. Now THAT is going to be something to tell the mates at the pub about! Or if you prefer to go even further, why not opt for a  cruise to Australia. Throw another shrimp on the barby mate! White sandy beaches beckon you to dig your toes in or lay and soak up the sun.

Time to Cruise

Why not fly?

Flying is fun. Flying has its place. However, spending a few days upon a luxury cruise liner is just so much better! You can take your time and practice your skills at doing nothing! You’re treated like royalty, and you sleep like a baby. Cuisine is of the highest standards. Entertainment abounds. Chill out on the deck in the sun, listening to the band play their Caribbean style music, or test your hand at gambling in the casino. When night falls, get down in the nightclub, or take in a comedy show.

It’s all fun and games aboard a luxury liner, and it’s all about you. Get out of your house and explore the globe without the help of Discovery Channel.

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