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Wild Outdoor Adventures in Cape Town, South Africa

23 August 2017 cape-town Cape Town is situated on a peninsula that penetrates and divides the Indian and Atlantic oceans, with Table Mountain National Park forming the greater part of the peninsula. Outside of ... read more

Is Johannesburg really the Wild West?

14 November 2015 For those who have been on safari in South Africa you will have most probably been to Johannesburg, or at least been through it for its close proximity to the ... read more

Trip to Table Mountain, Cape Town

14 April 2011 No tour of South Africa would be complete without a trip to Table Mountain. Towering above the skyline of the city of Cape Town this imposing geological landmark has become ... read more

Summer 2011 is Coming: Time to Cruise

17 March 2011 So you’ve travelled the whole of England. You’ve seen Kent. You’ve been to Stonehenge. You’ve done everything an Englishman is expected to do. That doesn’t leave you with much choice. ... read more