Top 5 Ultimate Australian Holiday Experiences

You know you’ve come back from a good holiday when you are at your desk, you can no longer remember your password and you are wondering if anyone will notice if you quietly get up and leave.

Kata Tjuta (the Olgas), NT, Australia

After all, holiday memories are the glue that holds us together while we are waiting for the next holiday to come around! So it’s important to make sure the holidays you do take are made to last. Through memories and peak experiences that you will carry with you always (especially on work days when your mind has melted and the clock has stopped).

The key is to do something a little out of the ordinary that will get you excited and wanting for more. Australia has so many amazing experiences on offer and it can be hard to decide just where to start. Here are five of the ultimate holiday experiences I can recommend to get you on your journey.

1. Charter your own boat and sail the Whitsundays

What a way to relax and unwind? Spend your days snorkelling and swimming in the beautiful clear waters of Tropical Queensland, and your nights stargazing . If it’s something you have never done before it is pretty unforgettable! To make this more affordable you simply get a crew of like-minded friends together, follow a few instructions and the big blue awaits you.

Australia, Whitsunday Island Turn

2. Corss-country by train

If water isn’t really your thing then how about a cross-country sojourn aboard the Indian Pacific one of the world’s greatest transcontinental train rides ( From Sydney to Perth over a few days. This isn’t just any train ride; travelling in style, you will be crossing the great Nullabor and stopping along the way to get the true sense of vastness and wonder of this wide brown land.


3. Uluru

Another thing you should add to your bucket list is a visit to Uluru. Experiencing a sunset at Uluru is truly wonderful. The incredible shades of orange, ochre and purple have to be seen to be believed. The number one place to stay is Longitude 131 ( With 15 exclusive luxury tents you are sleeping under the stars in style, an amazing experience in itself.

Australia lr-10

4. Murray River Cruises

Taking a Cruise on the mighty Murray River is also worth a look. You can hire a houseboat for a romantic getaway, or a fun catch up with a big group of friends. Make sure you load up on all the delicious cheese, produce and wine the region has to offer before you cast off!

Murray River Sunset

5. Water Rafting in Tasmania

Finally, you must go white water rafting on Tasmania’s mighty Franklin River. Tasmania is famous for its rugged landscape (have you seen The Hunter yet?!), so balance your stay with a little pampering at accommodation such as the Cradle Mountain Lodge¬†or Villa Howden, at the edge of the Huon Valley tourist trail. With top-notch luxury hotel toiletries (check out the collection at you can relax and revive before another day of hiking, rafting and dining.

Rapid Morning

If you haven’t visited Australia yet it should definitely be on your list of things to do! There are some truly amazing places to see here, these suggestions are just the tip of the iceberg; and if you live here you do not need to leave to have some incredible and memorable holiday experiences. So start putting together holidays for your ultimate bucket list now. After all, checking them off is so satisfying. What’s on your list for this year?

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