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Travel Photo of the Day: Lazy Afternoon on Cruise Boat, Oludeniz

23 May 2013 A day cruise around Oludeniz is a very lively event. Turkish music blasting on board the boat, people running around the beach when you depart, lunch served on the boat, ... read more

5 Things to Consider When Booking A Group Cruise

28 September 2011 A cruise ship holiday alone can be peaceful. A cruise ship holiday for a couple can be romantic. A cruise ship holiday with a group is memorable! What better way ... read more

Summer 2011 is Coming: Time to Cruise

17 March 2011 Time to Cruise So you’ve travelled the whole of England. You’ve seen Kent. You’ve been to Stonehenge. You’ve done everything an Englishman is expected to do. That doesn’t leave you with much choice. ... read more

Sailing and sunbathing on New Year’s Eve

31 July 2010 Coconut tree, Carribean Cruise, New Year's Eve Guest post by Cristina Banu Last year was the first in which I did not see any snow in the period around New Year’s Eve. Why? Because I spent that special ... read more