Travel Gadgets: Mobile Power Can JuiceCane

Mobile Power Can JuiceCane

Everyone who knows me also knows that I love technology and gadgets. I usually travel with my laptop, kindle, smart phone, and even my netbook when I need to and I am interested in every new app or gadget that is released into the wild. The problem with traveling and being a tech freak (also an Internet and social media addict at times) is that there never seems to be enough power! You are either in the middle of nowhere or you forgot to bring or buy a power adapter and let’s face it, power outlets vary from one place to another.

So if you tell me there’s a portable power can that’s also colorful, low cost and can charge my iPhone three times (two times if your preferred toy is an iPad), you’ve got me! If you tell me it’s also scalable and rechargeable, light and so pretty, then I’m sold. I’m talking about JuiceCan(e), a new such mobile power can that’s now working on raising funds to kick start the business.

“A single JuiceCan is small in size, 7.5 fl oz can size, 7 oz. weight; easy to hold in your hand.  Easy to carry in handbag for all occasions. JuiceCan comes in 7 natural fruit colors: banana-white/ blackberry-black/ cherry-red/ strawberry-pink/ blueberry-blue/ aloe-green/ lemon-yellow.  Each standalone JuiceCan is noticeable by color. Turning single JuiceCan into JuiceCane can be as easy as making a twist.  When multiple units connected, it becomes a very visible JuiceCane like sugarcane.”

I love pretty things, especially when they are useful and help me enjoy my shorter or longer travels without going into tech withdrawal, but I also like to know I get the best product for my money. This is were a price and benefits comparison comes in handy:

A few more extra details from the developers:

“The standard removable Utility cap equips with two USB output ports, one micro USB charging port, and a 2.3W LED flashlight.  It can charge 2 mobile devices at the same time.  And also  good to provide 200 hours of LED lighting.”

Mobile Power Can JuiceCane

In order to give this functional and competitive gadget a fighting chance, the people behind it are running a funding campaign on Idiegogo. Those supporting them with at least 33 US dollars will be the first to receive the device once it is released (delivery estimated around March 2013). The higher the sum you are willing to give, the more products and perks you get. As the retail price will be of about 50 US dollars, every early supporter wins.

I love getting stuff before the rest of the world and I have to admit clearly seeing I support a product I think is cool with my very first order is a bit of a thrill. Come March, we’ll fully test the JuiceCan and let you know what we thought of it!