Dental Vacation Hotspots – The Best Places On Earth For Sun, Sand, & Affordable Dental Care

Dental Vacation Hotspots

Dental troubles often spell a world of pain and misery, both literally as well as figuratively. In places like US and UK, this is mainly due to the high cost of treatment. Some procedures, like dental implants, can cost you more than a car! Now you realize why oral hygiene is so important, right? Save some money in the future with better oral care now. Read some reviews here to find the best oral care products.

If you already have dental troubles, you might want to consider going overseas for treatment. More and more folks in the US, as well as Europe, are opting for dental tourism. With some careful homework, you basically get to kill two birds with one stone. You can get cheap and affordable dental treatment, and have a sunny vacation in exotic lands as well!

What Is Dental Tourism?

Dental tourism is a sector of the broader industry of medical tourism. Medical tourism is the phenomenon where patients travel to foreign countries to seek medical treatment. In the past, it mainly involved rich folks from the Third World heading to the US and EU for expert treatment. But in the last couple of decades, the trend has seen a reversal of sorts. The medical industry in the so-called “Developing World” has improved and evolved. And ordinary folk in the West are heading in that direction, to take advantage of the cheaper cost of skilled treatment.

Australia is a great destination for those looking for a sunny dental vacation. With its warm weather, beautiful beaches, and excellent dental clinics, the country offers plenty of options for those looking to combine the benefits of high-quality dental implant treatment and oral care with the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing and sunny holiday.

Why Dental Tourism?

Price is the main reason behind the growing preference for dental tourism. Many dental treatment procedures are not covered by universal healthcare and insurance plans.  And the industry in US and UK are notorious for the lack of transparent pricing. It comes as no surprise that the average dentist in the US earns significantly more than a GP.  Why pay through your nose, when you can take advantage of the exchange rate and outsource your dental care to other parts of the world? You can expect reductions to the tune of 50-70% from your dentist bills in dental tourism hotspots!

Dental Vacation HotspotsWhat Comprises Dental Tourism

All dental tourism hotspots have highly developed healthcare sectors and industries, with world-class clinics and hospitals. You can get almost all dental care facilities in these places. That being said, taking a dental vacation makes sense if you require significant restorative or cosmetic dentistry treatments. Some examples (with price differences) include:

  • Implants for anywhere from $600 – $1700 (vs. $5000 max in the US)
  • Veneers for $250 – $500 (vs. $800 -$2000 in the US)
  • Root canals cost $80 – $200 (vs. $700 – $2000 in the US)
  • Crowns are available from $80 – $500. (vs. $750 – $3000 in the US)

Best Places For A “Sunny” Dental Vacation


It is estimated that thousands of Americans head south of the border into Mexico each year for cheap and affordable dental treatments. A large number of these tourists are from border states like California and Texas. And since the areas close to the US-Mexico border is known for drug-related violence, the best dental tourist hotspots in Mexico are further south in the Caribbean coastline. These are places like Cancun, Cabo San Lucas, and Puerto Vallarta. And it is no accident that they are all popular summer tourist resorts, world-renowned for their amazing beaches, culture, and cuisine, and of course, nightlife as well.


The country needs no introduction as a tourist hotspot. It is known for its sun, sands, lush jungles, amazing nightlife, just to name a few things. Apart from its position as the most popular tourist destination in South-east Asia, Thailand is also home to world-class dental clinics with affordable rates. Bangkok and Phuket are the two main dental tourism hotspots in Thailand. One is the national capital, a well connected modern metropolis, while the other is one of the most famous tropical island destinations in the world.


You are guaranteed to get a sunny vacation all through the year in India. The country is vast, with a rich and varied culture. And it also has a highly regulated Medical and Dental industry. In India, you can get world class treatment at a fraction of the cost you would have to pay in the West. Medical tourism is already a major business in India, with tourists from the US, EU, and Australia making a beeline for its elite hospitals and dental clinics. The best dental tourism locations are in the cities of Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, and Cochin.


Does a vacation in the tropics sound too hot or too far away for you? If so, then you should consider the warm Mediterranean and Black Sea coasts of Eastern Europe. In the continent, Hungary is acknowledged as the premier destination for affordable dental tourism. But Romania is a much better choice for some unforgettable sunny days in the Black Sea Coast. It has excellent dental clinics, and you can get things done for 30% of the original cost in US/UK.

Other Options

In the Americas, Costa Rica is another great destination, with amazing natural beauty on offer. In Southeast Asia, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia (Bali), and Vietnam are all great options for dental vacations. And finally, in Europe, central and eastern European nations like Czech Republic, Croatia, Poland and Hungary offer world class dental care at affordable rates.