iXiGO, iPhone and Android app to book the best travel deals

iXiGO is an extremely handy Android and iPhone app that helps you search for and find the best travel offers from airlines, hotels, buses, trains and online travel agencies without actually using more than one interface.

By accessing iXiGO’s global travel search engine, the mobile app aggregates all the travel information you need under one interface. The app’s benefit is less time spent searching for tickets and locations, while allowing users to keep their travel preferences and choices and still go with their favorite booking provider.

As the travel search engine is not powered by a travel agency and  iXiGO does not sell placements or any other type of services for raising visibility, the company claims there is no bias in the search results. The search results are comprehensive and transparent and are their only declared goal is to assist travelers in making informed decisions.

To make sure users find the best travel deael, iXiGO aggregates data from more than 100 travel sites. Their searches compare rates and deals from 250,000 hotels from around the world, while also gathering reviews from all major hotel review sites, flight status and delays, airport details, airline contact numbers and more travel information that one might find useful.

iXiago also offer mobile phone users hotel photos and amenity information, recommendations for travel destination and attractions they can visit. To download this versatile but easy to use interface, go iXiGO can be downloaded here.

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