Travel Checklist: How to Stay Safe and Healthy

Gendarmenmarkt Platz, Berlin

Staying safe, healthy, and happy is a big part of enjoying your travels. Whether you’re enjoying a vacation, traveling for work, or following a nomadic lifestyle and never spending too much time in one place, you still need to take care of yourself while you’re on the road. Use this checklist to protect yourself — from the moment you start planning your trip until you’re safely back home.

Busteni, Romania

Busteni, Romania – Hike I did with another female friend

Before Your Trip

Research Your Destination

Knowing important details about your destination is essential. You must be aware of the best time to visit, how to avoid common issues like avalanches during a ski vacation or a hiking trip, which safety hazards to look out for, and what to bring with you or leave behind.

If you don’t do your research, you won’t know whether it’s safe to walk alone, especially if you’re a woman. In some cases, self-protection can get you in trouble. Pepper spray might seem like a good idea, but flying with it is not that easy, and it’s illegal in many countries, especially if you’re traveling to Europe.

Getting ready for my next trip

Getting ready for my next trip – research and tech prep

Make Sure You Are Protected

Travel protection is something you should never travel without. It’s impossible to prevent everything that could go wrong, from medical emergencies to natural disasters. It’s better to make sure that you’ll be covered should anything dramatic occur. I’ve researched this quite a bit, and one of your best choices is going with travel protection from MedjetAssist. It’s especially great for business travelers, nomads, travel bloggers, and other frequent travelers, because you choose between two different membership programs to keep you safe during all your travels.

With the classic MedJetAssist membership, you don’t have to worry about being stuck in a hospital in the middle of nowhere if something happens to you. You’ll get air transport arrange to a hospital of your choice, so you can feel comfortable during your recovery. You may also want to consider bringing vitamin supplements or getting a drip infusion in Atlanta before your trip. Antioxidant vitamins can help support a healthy immune system and reduce your chances of getting sick while you travel. To make sure you’re protected from all threats, you can opt for the MedjetHorizon Membership, which, besides improved medical assistance, also offers protection in case of political unrest, kidnapping, wrongful detention, and a lot of other situations where things go sideways fast. These extra options are particularly useful for those traveling into volatile areas, or who are visiting destinations with high crime rates.

During Your Trip

Keep in Touch

If you’ve ever read one of those memes claiming that real travelers don’t share their location, forget about it. I can’t stress this enough. Your friends, your family, and your travel companions need to know where you are. Remember to check in often so that those who care about you can react quickly if you suddenly drop off the map.

visiting friends

Stopping by to see some friends on a long solo drive around Europe

Stick to the Basics

Staying safe and healthy is often a question of basic, commonsense habits. Don’t walk alone at night unless you’re in a well-lit, busy area, such as Times Square in New York City. Try to eat in busy places, whether you’re dining in a restaurant or ordering from a street vendor. If the place is busy, your chance of getting food poisoning is low.

Also, remember not to overdo it! Just because you’re traveling doesn’t mean that you can overwork yourself, fail to get enough rest, or eat poorly. A few drinks are lovely, but alcohol poisoning will result in a trip to the hospital.

Gendarmenmarkt Platz, Berlin

Berlin, the trip that almost drove me to total burn out

After Your Trip

As much as possible, share your experience with others. Tell your friends, family, or readers about your trip. If you’ve discovered anything that they should avoid, it’s best to not keep that information to yourself.

Remember, staying happy and healthy will only make your travel experience more memorable. There’s nothing uncool about being responsible and taking care of yourself!

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Travel Checklist: How to Stay Safe and Healthy Travel Checklist: How to Stay Safe and Healthy