Best Driving Getaways in Victoria

Best Driving Getaways in Victoria

There is no better way to see Australia than by jumping in the car and hitting the highway, though it helps if you know where some of the best places are to go. Victoria is the perfect place for a nice long drive, and whether you are looking for an easy day trip or something a little longer, you have more than a few options in this spectacular and picturesque State. The following are a few drives well worth the cost of petrol.


For a great excuse to hit the road in your sweet ride, drive up to Stawell for the Easter long weekend to check out the running of Australia’s richest and most famous foot races, the Stawell Gift. This gorgeous town in north-western Victoria is a charming place any time of year and a great destination at the end of a long drive no matter where you have come from.

Regardless of which way you are heading, it’s well worth ducking down into the Grampians to have a quick look, as this area is some of the most magical parts of Victoria.

The Great Ocean Road

If you haven’t heard of the Great Ocean Road, you really should get out more, as this drive is one of the most famous stretches of road in the world, and the prefect place to pump up the tunes kick back and enjoy the drive. Consisting of a few hundred kilometres of beautiful winding road, and taking in some of the most spectacular coastline in Australia, make sure you bring your camera and stop lots along the way. There are heaps of great little towns along the route where you can fuel up your car and your body, and if you are starting to fade a bit, check into one of the great little hotels and watch the sunset off this stunning coast. If you don’t have your own car but want to do this great drive, get on one of the great ocean road tours, leave the driving to someone else and enjoy the ride!

Best Driving Getaways in Victoria

Wilson’s Prom

Whether you just have the day off work or the entire weekend, for a great drive, do the Melbourne to Wilson’s Prom trip, which takes you through the gorgeous Gippsland area and down into one of Victoria’s most picturesque spots. The last hundred kilometres down into the Prom is simply magical and will have you feeling like you are driving through a fairytale. Make sure you stop in Yanakie if you need any snacks or supplies before heading further into the Prom, as it is your last chance, and if you are driving through here at dawn or dusk, watch out for wildlife on the road as there’s lots of it!

If you have a decent car, there is nothing better than leaving your work, worries and stress behind and hitting the open road, and if you want to see some amazing sights, Victoria is a driver’s dream. So whether you want to plan an epic road trip or just get out of town for the day, there are great options all over Victoria, so just pick up a decent map and you are good to go.

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