Epic Road Trips to Experience in Australia

I love road trips. To be honest, it’s my favorite way of travel. First, you can pack what you want and not worry too much about weight. Second, you can start and stop whenever you want. I’ve done quite a bit of road tripping around Europe and closer parts of Asia, both in my own car and in rentals. So when it comes to thinking of any country to explore, road trips are the first I investigate.

Australia is probably a road tripper’s dream destination. It is huge, there are so many scenic roads, you will no lack variety, and the culture, fauna, and landscape are just gorgeous. So here are the epic Australian road trips that appeal to me the most.

Great Ocean Road

Yes, I know this one is super hyped and we’ve all seen photos of the 12 Apostles. But there is a reason the Great Ocean Road is one of the most beautiful drives on the planet. As you are driving yourself, take your time and spend a few days enjoying the views, and visit more than the apostles: Loch and Gorge and Apollo Bay are a great place to start.

Drive along the Coast of Tropical North Queensland

This region in Australia is mostly known for the Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree Rainforest. These two are definitely must-sees, but consider driving along the coast from Cairns to Cape Tribulation. While you enjoy the wonders Tropical North Queensland has to offer, maybe try to avoid stinger season. Mossman Gorge and Port Douglas should also be part of your itinerary.

Great barrier reef

Gibb River Road in Western Australia

If you want a more adventurous drive, then Gibb River Road is your best bet. This Western Australia road trip will take you down a dirt road through the country’s last standing wilderness zone – The Kimberley. Enjoy 700 kilometers in a 4×4 truck and try the gorges—Emma, Bell, or Galvan’s, Zebedee Springs, or Tunnel Creek.

Drive through Tasmania

Explore Tasmania through an epic road trip taking you from Launceston to Hobart. Yes, if you were wondering, this was a must see because I loved Taz as a kid, please don’t judge me!

Still, the Bay of Fires, the Port Arthur Historical Site, or the Freycinet National Park are also great reasons to try this road trip.

Bay of Fires Tasmania

Red Center Way, Northern Territory

I saved the one that most calls to me last. The Outback with its red dirt is something I crave for because of a few books in a great series that was set at a station in the Outback. My must-see recommendations to add to your itinerary would be the heart-stopping beauty of Uluru, Kings Canyon, and Kata Tjuta.


Whenever you chose to go on road trips in a country that’s not your own, make sure your travel plans also include extensive knowledge about any driving rules and laws, as well as trusty roadside assistance.

If you’re planning is done well, then all you have to worry about is enjoying these epic road trips!

14 Comment to “Epic Road Trips to Experience in Australia”

  1. Love your photos! You’re so right, road trips are always the best. There’s nothing better than to be able to stop where ever you like. And how about seeing these sight on the way! Beautiful! 🙂

  2. Victoria Alicia says:

    Wow. Those pictures look great!

  3. We’re also in love with road trips. It’s the way of traveling we feel more comfortable with. And yet we still haven’t made it to Australia! I’m saving this because the photos are breathtaking and hopefully one day we can go to the same places!

  4. Laura Lynch says:

    You’re so right about the Great Ocean Road. It might be super hyped, but for such good reason. I mean, it is incredibly beautiful. I’ve seen so many pictures and I’m sure they all live up to their reputation.

  5. Karla says:

    Wow, Australia did give me a lot of Epic Roadtrips. I spent 2.5 months there and I really enjoyed it.

    Tasmania was really nice, it was full of Nature. I loved it a lot.

  6. amit says:

    I agree totally with you – I love road trips too, and funny enough some of my fave were in Aus too, although I have to say my road trip through New Zealand trumped it just a bit. Loved reading this post made me miss Aus (lived and traveled there for 2 years)

  7. Brianna says:

    Australia is a dream trip of mine. These pictures are stunning!

  8. Patricia says:

    I’m like you — I love road trips! I love the flexibility of them and the lower stress levels (and while I do it when I have to, I really don’t like flying). You are right, these trips look truly epic. I was trying to pick a favorite (Great Ocean Road might have an edge), and frankly, I want to do them all! Thanks for sharing! Pinned. 🙂

  9. I once asked a friend on where is the best road trip he had so far. He said Australia. No wonder! The view is heaven. It’s so beautiful. This should be on everyone’s bucketlist

  10. Christopher says:

    Australia is so beautiful. I mean it’s been on my to go to list since forever. If the 12 Apostles are so know I feel silly for never hearing of them before. To me that’s impressive. I will need to take a drive along this Great Ocean Road when I make it to Australia. I also love that red rock. It reminds me of what mars might look like. Very cool.

  11. Kasia says:


    all your pictures on blog post are stunning. I really enjoy them and looking forward to my trip to Australia. I plan to go there at the beginning of next year with my family. As we are from Europe it will be a big trip for us and e plan to visit NZ during our trip. I’m sure it will take us around a month but this is a very unique part of the world so we want to see everything. My dream is to see koala bears and try some special dishes from Australia.


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