How Far is Florida from New York by Car – Your Ultimate Road Trip Guide

how far is florida from new york by car

How Far is Florida from New York by Car

Ever wondered, how far is Florida from New York by car? Well, I’m here to give you the scoop. The trip from the Big Apple to the Sunshine State is a lengthy one, but it’s definitely doable if you’re up for an adventure. According to Google Maps, the shortest route clocks in at approximately 1,300 miles and takes around 18-20 hours of straight driving time.

Now, it’s important that I mention this isn’t your everyday drive across town. It’s quite a trek that spans several states and covers a variety of landscapes. As such, you’ll need to plan accordingly with enough rest stops and overnight stays if necessary. Depending on how much ground you can cover in a day and how many breaks you take along the way, it could take anywhere from two days to a week or more.

To add some context about distance between major cities: Jacksonville in Florida is approximately 350 miles away from Atlanta which would be about 5-6 hours by car – just to give an idea of distances when planning your journey! So remember folks, road tripping isn’t just about reaching your destination; it’s also about enjoying the journey itself! Buckle up and get ready for one exciting ride as we navigate through this fascinating topic together.

Understanding the Distance from New York to Florida

Ever wondered about the distance between the Big Apple and the Sunshine State? If we’re talking straight-line distance, it’s approximately 1,000 miles. However, that isn’t much use if you’re planning a road trip. Let’s get into specifics.

When I map out a route from New York City to Miami on my trusty GPS, I’m looking at roughly 1,280 miles of highway stretching before me. That translates to around 18-20 hours of drive time under ideal conditions. Remember though, it’s always smart to factor in breaks for food and rest stops along your journey.

As for which highways you’ll be using – most folks opt for I-95 S all the way down. It’s not just because this route is straightforward; it also offers some scenic views along the East Coast. You might want to have your camera handy!

Now, let’s say you’re wondering “how far is Jacksonville Florida from Atlanta?” The answer: about 350 miles via road travel or roughly a 5-hour drive taking I-75 South and then I-10 East towards Jacksonville.

Here are these distances summarized:

Start Point End Point Distance (miles) Approximate Drive Time
New York Miami 1280 18-20 hrs
Atlanta Jacksonville FL 350 ~5 hrs

Remember that actual travel times can vary greatly depending on traffic conditions, weather patterns and how often you choose to stop along the way!