Baltic Beauty: Exploring the Captivating Cities of Northern Europe by Train

Baltic Beauty: Exploring the Captivating Cities of Northern Europe by Train

The Baltic region in Northern Europe is a beauty, history, and culture treasure trove. From picturesque landscapes to charming cities steeped in the rich heritage, the Baltics offer a unique and unforgettable travel experience. One of the best ways to explore this enchanting region is by train. Find affordable rail tickets in Europe at Rail Online for your Baltic exploration conquest. In this article, we’ll take you on a journey through the captivating cities of the Baltic region, where history meets modernity and natural wonders abound.

The Charm of Tallinn, Estonia

Our Baltic adventure begins in the historic city of Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. Known for its well-preserved medieval old town, Tallinn offers a fascinating blend of ancient architecture and contemporary life. The cobbled streets, ancient walls, and imposing towers transport visitors back in time, evoking the feeling of a fairytale setting. The iconic Toompea Castle, with its stunning views of the city, stands as a testament to Estonia’s vibrant past.

Exploring Tallinn’s Old Town

The heart of Tallinn lies in its Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here, visitors can wander through narrow streets lined with charming cafes, unique boutiques, and handicraft shops. The Town Hall Square, surrounded by colorful merchant houses, is a hub of activity and hosts various events and festivals throughout the year.

Embracing Nature in Kadriorg Park

For those seeking a tranquil escape, Kadriorg Park is a must-visit destination in Tallinn. Created by Peter the Great, this expansive park features well-manicured gardens, picturesque ponds, and the stunning Kadriorg Palace, an architectural masterpiece.

Riga: The Pearl of Latvia

Next on our Baltic train adventure is Riga, the capital city of Latvia. Riga boasts an impressive collection of Art Nouveau architecture, earning it a spot on the UNESCO World Heritage list. The city’s vibrant atmosphere, diverse culinary scene, and thriving arts and culture make it a captivating stop on our journey.

Admiring Riga’s Art Nouveau Architecture

Riga is a paradise for architecture enthusiasts, especially those fond of Art Nouveau.


Alberta Street and Elizabetes Street are home to some of the most magnificent Art Nouveau buildings in the world. The intricate facades, elaborate ornaments, and whimsical sculptures will leave visitors in awe.

Indulging in Latvian Cuisine

No visit to Riga is complete without savoring the local delicacies. Latvian cuisine features a blend of traditional and modern flavors, with dishes like grey peas with bacon, potato pancakes, and the delectable speķa pīrāgi (bacon pastries). The Central Market, located in former Zeppelin hangars, is the perfect place to sample these mouthwatering treats.

Vilnius: A Lithuanian Gem

Our train journey through the Baltics wouldn’t be complete without a stop in Vilnius, Lithuania’s capital city. Vilnius is a cultural melting pot characterized by its baroque architecture, charming old town, and vibrant arts scene. The capital city is also an important hub where many foreign and local investors opened businesses in order to benefit from the local opportunities.

Admiring the Baroque Beauty

Vilnius boasts a harmonious blend of architectural styles, with its baroque buildings taking center stage. The Vilnius University and the Church of St. Peter and St. Paul are prime examples of the city’s baroque treasures. A walk through the charming streets of the old town will reveal hidden gems at every turn.

Embracing the Arts and Culture

Vilnius is a city that celebrates its artistic spirit. The city is home to numerous art galleries, museums, and theaters, providing ample opportunities to immerse oneself in Lithuania’s cultural heritage. The annual Vilnius International Film Festival and the Christopher Summer Festival are highlights for art and music enthusiasts.

Exploring the Baltic Coastline

As our train journey continues, we venture to the Baltic coastline, where we encounter breathtaking landscapes, sandy beaches, and charming coastal towns.

The Stunning Curonian Spit

The Curonian Spit, a narrow peninsula shared by Lithuania and Russia, is a natural wonder and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The region’s pristine sand dunes, lush forests, and serene beaches make it a paradise for nature lovers and a haven for migratory birds.

Gdańsk: A Polish Maritime Gem

As we travel further along the Baltic coast, we reach the historic city of Gdańsk, Poland. This maritime gem is renowned for its medieval port, Gothic architecture, and significant role in European history. The Long Market, with its colorful facades and Neptune Fountain, is a central attraction in Gdańsk.

Purchasing Train Tickets for Northern Europe Rail

When traveling in Northern Europe, buying train tickets online is a convenient and efficient option. There are various platforms available, including official railway websites, Rail Europe, Trainline, and Omio, which offer easy booking and comparison of schedules and prices.

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Additionally, national rail apps and third-party travel websites can be useful. Consider Eurail or Interrail passes for multi-country exploration. Mobile tickets are common, and early booking often provides better deals. Be aware of refund and change policies before purchasing. Online booking ensures a smooth and enjoyable train travel experience across Northern Europe’s scenic landscapes and vibrant cities.


As we conclude our journey through the captivating cities of the Baltic region, one thing becomes abundantly clear: this corner of Northern Europe is a treasure trove waiting to be explored. From the medieval charm of Tallinn to the artistic wonders of Riga and the cultural richness of Vilnius, each city offers a unique and unforgettable experience.

Traveling by train through the Baltics not only allows you to witness the beauty of the region but also offers a glimpse into its rich history and vibrant culture. The Baltic coastline, with its stunning landscapes and charming towns, further adds to the allure of this extraordinary journey.

So, pack your bags, embark on a train adventure, and immerse yourself in the Baltic beauty that awaits you.