The Gambling Industry in Estonia -What is the Situation There?


The gambling industry in Estonia is an important part of the country’s economy and culture. With the development of technology and regulation in recent years, the country’s gambling sector has undergone significant changes. The good news is that the laws provide a safe and secure environment for both operators and customers. The country’s regulatory framework ensures that gambling operators meet strict requirements and adhere to responsible gambling practices.

Is gambling legal in Estonia?

Gambling regulation in Estonia is carried out through the Gambling Act. The current Gambling Act entered into force on 1 January 2009. Taxation of gambling is regulated by the Estonian Tax and Customs Board. All the rules on advertising of gambling are laid down in Article 292 of the Advertising Act.

Online gambling in Estonia – development and regulations

Online gambling in Estonia is regulated by local authorities and subject to licensing. The regulatory framework includes various laws and rules that ensure fair and responsible gambling entertainment for players. The presence of licensed operators creates security for players and contributes to the fight against illegal operators and fraudulent schemes. With the growth of online gambling, competition between operators is expected to increase, which will contribute to improved services and innovation in the sector. Nowadays, online casinos licensed by the Estonian Tax and Customs Board are more than 10 and the number will increase in the following years.

Offshore casinos can also be seen offering their services in the country. However, they are lagging behind as state-licensed casinos are being looked at with a better eye. Therefore, the preference is towards legal platforms that offer various games, including slots, tabletop games, live casinos, and the like.

Online gambling is thriving and enjoys the attention of many players to date. Naturally, new operators are yet to offer their customers an even better user experience.


If you want to gamble online in Estonia, it’s perfectly legal, and you can do so with licensed operators. They will offer you the opportunity to register with the casinos, go through a verification procedure, and enjoy their games if you are an adult who is allowed to gamble on the internet.

Casinos and betting shops in Estonia

Physical casinos and betting parlors are also popular in Estonia. They offer a variety of games such as poker, roulette, blackjack, and others. Although their numbers may be smaller, they continue to be fun and entertainment centers for locals and tourists.

With the development of tourism and the growing interest in gambling entertainment, it is possible to see an increase in investment and expansion of this sector. Integrating technologies such as virtual reality and new payment methods can offer new and exciting experiences for casino visitors.

How is problem gambling dealt with in Estonia?

Like in most countries, problem gambling is a challenge in Estonia. The authorities are working hard to prevent gambling addiction and provide help to those who suffer from it. Programs for the prevention and treatment of problem gambling are an important element of the regulatory framework and are funded by private and public sources. The development of innovative methods to prevent and treat addiction can improve the effectiveness of programs and offer better support for affected individuals and their families.

The future of the gambling industry in Estonia

The gambling industry in Estonia is expected to continue to develop in the future. With the online market expansion and further innovation, the sector is likely to see new opportunities for growth and development.


There is expected to be more interest from international operators and investors, which may contribute to increased competition and quality of services. Continued adaptation to new technologies and regulations will be key to the success of the gambling industry in Estonia in the future.

Summary words

The gambling industry in Estonia represents an important element of the country’s economy and society. With regulation and an emphasis on responsibility, the sector continues to offer entertainment and betting opportunities for local citizens and visitors. Despite the challenges that exist, the gambling industry in Estonia is evolving and adapting to changing conditions and requirements. It is expected that further expansion of the sector and the integration of new technologies and platforms will contribute to its sustainable growth in the future.