Tips to Keep Your Smartphone Data Safe While You Travel

Tips to Keep Your Smartphone Data Safe While You Travel

When you travel, your phone and tablet tend to become your most trusty partners to communicate, plan and check your itinerary, do some work, and generally keep up with business while you’re on the road. If you are a frequent business travel, your mobile devices are a huge part of your work. In my case, my work always accompanies me on my travels, and as I spend very little time holed up in a hotel room with my computer, my mobile phone and my tablet are my office.

While our own or others’ experiences has made us very savvy about protecting our laptops and personal computers with antivirus software, our smartphones don’t usually get the same attention. Despite the fact that today’s smartphones are more powerful than the computers I was using in university, or that we have all our sensitive date on them–from work email to payment details, we still fail to properly secure our phones. Here are a few tips to keep your smartphone date safe while you travel:

Use an Antivirus App on your Phone

Just like you’d do with your computer, use an antivirus on your smartphone. If you intend to browse the Internet, download files, and open attachments, then this level of protection is paramount. The best Android antivirus I could find is actually a free app from AVG, which other than being great at keeping your phone safe, also keeps your costs down. This popular app already has over 100,000 users and will keep your smartphone safe from any type of virus, malware, or scamware. And if, like me, you are a bit of an airhead and are at risk of losing your phone, it also comes with a function to track your phone and it will point you right to it using Google Maps.  The reason why I am recommending an Android antivirus is that I am a total Android fan, and I haven’t used any other types of smartphones in the past five years.

Be Careful With Unsecured Wi-Fi

When we travel, staying connected to the Internet can be a bit of a challenge. An international mobile plan might cost a lot so we are always on the lookout for free Wi-Fi. However, completely unsecured hotspots may be targeted by people with shady intent. If you have to use a Wi-Fi connection with absolutely no layer of security, be mindful of what actions you perform on your phone. I wouldn’t use them without knowing my phone is protected. But, if you have to, make sure you don’t login to any sensitive services like those who store your credit card information.

Tips to Keep Your Smartphone Data Safe While You Travel

Don’t Connect to Random Devices

I know I am a bit paranoid, but Hollywood has ruined me 🙂 Use your own charger to charge your phone, and try to avoid connecting it to random computers or other random phones. If someone wants to send you some files, why not have them emailed? Most email services already run their virus search when delivering attachments, so that would be an extra layer of security.

Back up Your Data

There is no full proof anything in the tech world. So in order to keep your smartphone data safe and make sure you don’t lose everything, back up your data. Most phones come with some sort of cloud service to back up your data. I like to use my Google Drive to back up phones and other important details. But anything you like works, as long as in case of total failure of your mobile device, you can still recover your data.
What do you do to keep your mobile phone and other travel gadgets safe while traveling? Share your tips and tricks in the comments!