American Employees Don’t Use up Their Vacation Time

Americans don’t take as many breaks as they should from their job, according to recent data. They get less vacation days than workers in other industrialized countries and also use less vacation time than they actually have.

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A 2010 survey showed the average American employee got 18 vacation days last year bu only used 14 of them. In a very different culture, France, the average number of vacation days is of 37 and 35 of those were used in 2010. British employeed got 28 vacation days in 2010 and actually took 25 of them.

If Americans were to translate into money the days they gave up, they should review the CNN calculations, according to which they have earned but never used 448 million days in 2010, or 67.5 billion USD worth of time.


The reason for not taking the said vacations days and losing the money is actually an attempt to prevent more spending. Unless you spend the time at home and visit free museums and art galleries, or spend some time walking around the city, taking a vacation costs.

“Vacations tend to suck up money. They tempt people to spend more, save less and take on more debt,” said Scott Spiker, CEO of First Command Financial Services, a financial service provider. “By forfeiting some of their vacation days, Americans are trying to eliminate the temptation to spend money.”

While thinking of money saving, the truth is breaks are necessary, otherwise they affect productivity. If you have vacation days and have not taken them, try to turn them into a nice staycation. You will mix money saving with not losing anything of what you have rightfully earned.

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