7 Trekking Destinations Near Bangalore You Must Explore

Trekking is something extremely adventurous and fun. Most people like trekking and always seek for the places where they can go and take up some fun treks. There are various places in India which is fabulous for trekking and the true trekkers would always agree that the Himalayas are the best for trekking. But apart from it, there are various trekking destinations near Bangalore. Bangalore has a lot of weekend getaway destinations and most of them are appropriate for trekking. All the destinations which we are mentioning are eligible for one day treks. Here are few trekking destinations near Bangalore which are extremely challenging and totally fun.


Let me start with the most common destination near Bangalore and that is Nandi hills. The average elevation of the place is 4850 feet. The most popular thing to do here is viewing the sunrise or the sunset from the deck which involves few steps of walking. There are various temples also on the hill which you must visit if you are there. To reach the top, you need to climb around 1200 steps. It is around 60 kms from Bangalore.



This hill range is the highest monolith hill range in Asia. There are two major trekking trails that go up to the Savandurga hill. Climbing up to the hill is a bit difficult and also it is popular for the night trek. The average elevation of the place is 4022 feet. Up above the hill, there is the ruined fort built by Kempe Gowda. It is around 48 kms from Bangalore.

Savandurga Hill


The main speciality of this place is natural water spring which is called Namada Chilume. Apart from this, there are two other springs as well. Also, there is a beautiful cave inside which have the figures of Rama, Sita, and Lakshman. It is 72 kms from Bangalore. The average elevation of the place is 3940 feet. The scenic beauty of the place is amazing and worth the trip.

Devarayana Durga


There are seven majestic hills which surround the Ramanagara district. The Ramanagara hill is the famous hill of the place in which the movie Sholay is shot. There are few popular temples near the place. The average elevation of the place is 3000 feet. Rock climbing, pitch climbing, and bouldering are some of the main things to do here. It is around 55 kms from Bangalore.


It is an ancient mountain fortress which is one of the ideal trek destinations near Bangalore. The trek to this place is not easy rather it is difficult. The average elevation of the place is 4430 feet. Camping, sunrise view and night trek are the major things to do here. It is around 61 kms from Bangalore.



Bilikal betta means the white rocks and it is the highest hill in the area of Kanakpura town. It is a short trekking destination. There are temples and shrub forest near the area. The average elevation of the place is 3780 feet. The scenic beauty of the nature is awesome at this place. It is around 75 kms from Bangalore.



One of the other famous trekking destinations near Bangalore is Anthargange. There are caves and temples in this place and it is famous for the night trekking. The temple in the place is believed to be scared and people have different stories related to it. The average elevation of the place is 4050 feet. Night trek and camping are some of the things to do here. It is around 80 kms from Bangalore.


These were some of the best trekking destinations near Bangalore. If you are a trekker and love to explore new places and go on a new adventure trip, then you must try out these places for sure. Bangalore is a beautiful city and this blog shows that there are so many popular trekking destinations near it. All these places have a speciality of their own and you must take up treks to all these places. You can choose one weekend every month for going on a trek to these places.