7 Places in Goa that are Gorgeous Backdrops for your Instagram Images


There is one uncreated tradition of Goa in India, which is followed by most of the friend’s groups. And that tradition is planning a trip to the place with the surety of it being cancelled. Agree with me that all of us can feel that Facebook meme saying ‘Goa plans are made to be cancelled.’ But no wonder miracles happen and so does Goa trips. So, if you are that one lucky lad to have convinced your group for a Goa trip, you must visit these places in Goa to make your Instagram feed look no less than a travel blogger’s.


If it is your first time in Goa, you will definitely visit Baga, Anjuna and Calangute beach and you must, because these are great places. But after you are done with these famous tourist spots in Goa, you must visit an offbeat beach that is Dona Paula. This is said to be a lover’s paradise and it is a beautiful and a less crowded beach. The rocks and the rivers make for a beautiful backdrop for your Instagram pictures.


Fontainhas is a Portuguese street of Goa where you can find lots of colourful houses lined in a row. This is one of the beautiful places in Goa for photography because the colourful Portuguese houses are not such a common view in other cities of India. This place gives you the European feels and you can have a pleasant walk down the aisle.


One of the famous tourist spots in Goa is the Vagator beach. It is a silent and a peaceful beach with the scenic views of the rocks and palm trees. The flea markets near Vagator are also very happening and photogenic. And the most famous restaurant near the Vagator beach is Thalassa which is cute and great for Instagram backdrop.


Are you someone who loves nature and trek? Then you must consider Dudhsagar falls seriously. It is one of the famous tourist spots in Goa amongst the trekkers and nature lovers. Many photography enthusiasts also hover to the place for capturing the spellbinding beauty of the gorgeous Dudhsagar falls. Well, if you are a serial poser, you can definitely find a way to get the best candid picture clicked here.


If you search the top places in Goa, you are sure to find this church at the top of the list. It is a beautiful and an extravagant church which you have probably seen in some of the Bollywood movies. If Bollywood could not resist shooting in front of this ‘white beauty’, how can you? This church looks beautiful in the daytime as well as during the night with the beautiful lighting.


Forts have always been the striking place in Goa. There are lots of Portuguese forts which you can visit and all of them are charming and captivating. But, Fort Aguada is a beautiful and a huge fort with vintage interiors and exteriors. The brown walls of the fort with the lush green grasses make for one of the most picturesque spots in Goa. From my personal experience, one can have the most number of pictures in this fort in various locations.


If you love lights and souvenirs and would love to pose along with these, then Arpora Saturday Night Market is a must visit place for you. Along with getting your hands on some of the coolest and the cheapest stuff you can also pose along the stuff which is great for Instagram and maybe not for your pockets.

These were some of the most beautiful and Instagram worthy places in Goa which you must visit. These places may be offbeat but these are worth to the core.

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