Best Islands for a honeymoon Vacation


The Wedding. It is one of the most important days in our lives. Every girl looks forward to her wedding day ever since her early teenage years and her ideal and perfect wedding mapped out. The couple together work day and night to fulfill this dream. But hey, it comes at an expense of a lot of hard work, Lot. Most of the times, the case is that the preparations tire both the bride and the groom out. After the wedding all they are looking forward to going going to bed and sleeping (after the post wedding rituals of course ;p ).

After the dream day/days, comes the beginning of a new life and more often than not, it begins with a dreamy honeymoon or as most like to call it ‘The Golden Period’. Just imagine, after months of wedding planning and the final day, you are already so tired yet excited at the same time for the new beginning, and you have to go for your honeymoon to a touristy places like Western Europe, USA, Africa, Singapore, Thailand and so many more. All you have to do in such places is visit different sight seeing points, roam around cities and go to places like Universal Studios and Disney Land. Where is the relaxation and ‘us’ time in this?

More and more people are beginning to understand the need for a peaceful yet romantic honeymoon and the best place to do so is on an Island. These are places where there is no hustle bustle (excluding Australia), activities but not the overwhelming number, the serenity of nature, the calm of water and the two of you. Imagining it is surreal, guess what actually going to one would be like. Here are some of the best, offbeat and most romantic islands across the world to spend your golden period at.

1. Virgin Gorda

Pretty ironic for the type of trip but these are the perfect place to go. Located in the Caribbean and often referred to as the hidden treasure of the British virgin Islands, this place is ideal for long walks and a romantic feel. The best part is The Baths, a geological wonder located on Virgin Gorda’s southern tip. Secret pools and caverns, formed by large granite boulders (courtesy of a once-active volcano), were seemingly designed for travelers in love. The real showstopper, however, is Devil’s Bay, accessible from The Baths through a series of ladders and tight crawls.

2. The Ionian Islands

This is a cluster of small islands (jewels) located on the western coast of Greece. A completely non commercialized cluster of seven islands, it is filled with rows of trees and never ending nature. Not just that these are place of rich cultural heritage. Visiting this place will be the ideal honeymoon for a mix of alone time, adventure, culture and natural beauty.

3. Palawan Island

This is Philippines best kept secret. This island has the bluest waters on Earth. A perfect blend of all of natures creations, you will find, the lush blue waters, mountains, wildlife, jungles, white sand beaches and a lot more. The people that live here will show so in depth tradition and traditional values. This is the perfect place to go to if you want to seclude from the world and live a simple life for the few days.

4. Anguilla

Quintessential Caribbean paradise, Shoal Bay, is nothing short of spectacular, with its white-sand shores and translucent waters that teem with colorful marine life. And that’s just one of Anguilla’s many highlights. The eastern tip of the isle is home to highly lauded Cap Juluca, where couples can book massages right on the beach or spend an afternoon sailing on the resort’s private yacht.

These are exactly the places you need for your dream honeymoon after you dream wedding has come through. They will be the perfect places to relax and have fun at the same time. All the brides and grooms to be, start booking to tickets to these unusual yet heavenly places for the perfect honeymoon.