Tourist Attractions in Rabat


The capital of Morocco, Rabat is lesser known to the tourists as compared to the other destinations like Marrakech, Fez, Shahara and Casablanca. Rabat is beautiful, located right on the Atlantic, it is much calmer than those in neighboring. So if you are tired of exploring the busy Cosmopolitan cities of Morocco, let’s have a break in a tranquil seaside of Rabat. It is home to the dozens of Museums telling the historically, culturally and traditionally pinned stories of the region. Are you a history lover? It is the right place for you to explore while wandering into the old city, Rabat is amazing.

The state is doing a lot of efforts to enhance tourism into its Capital, Rabat. Important to know is that You can now explore the town by a mobile Application ‘VisitRabat’. You can simply install this app from your google store or for iPhone users, the Apple Store. It has a lot of information about the basic introduction to the cities and the elements, this city can offer to entertain the tourists.

The ancient Kasbah is the most popular district of Rabat and considered the most sightseeing excursion of the city. Wandering the calm alleys of the old city, gazing on the Andalusian-styled blue and white tiny homes will give you immense pleasure. Some other places are there to explore includes

Chellah Necropolis brings you in the 14th century


The Chella is located in the metro area of Rabat. It is the remains of the 14th-century fortress. The derby or say the walled ruins are located on a Romans town which uncovered in the early twentieth century.

The remnants of the 14th-century Merenid citadel-town of Challah are an atmospheric place. The walled ruins are positioned on an older Roman town called Sala, which archaeologists uncovered evidence of in the 1930s. The two parts of the old colony can be witnessed on the site, the decayed remainings of the Mosques and other ancient buildings which once Muslims Built here, and the temple, bath forum in the Roman part of the location. You will need a place on height to have a perfect view of the whole excursion.

Roaming into the Medina

The 17th century’s built Andalusian styled buildings give you the feel of the time when Andalusia’s Muslim rulers conquered and arrived into Rabat. Time has changed but the historical footprints of Spanish influences are preserved. While wandering in the small souks and streets of the old city, you will learn that Rabat’s Medina is different from the other old cities of the country. If you are in Rabat, must visit the Jewish Quarters, Mellah which is in the south in an old city.

Museum of Contemporary Arts

The building of the museum is made in the French era, now renovated in an antique style. It Showcases the work of the old and Morocco’s new artists and specifically limelight Morocco’s modern art movement. By visiting the Museum , you will know the link of Morocco’s famous traditional artwork and the long timeline of Morocco’s artistic expression. So if you understand the art gestures and interested to learn about the history of the region this way, must pay a visit to Mohammed VI Museum of contemporary arts.

The spring 2019 exhibition “Colors of Impressionism” at the Mohammed VI Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rabat has attracted 20,000 visitors, a record number.

The famous, Hassan Tower

Hassan tower

Moulay Yacoub, the third Almohad Muslim Caliph started building the grand mosque at this place, When he died in 1150, the construction over the mosque stopped. Only the Minaret of 45 meters remained in that place and now a monument to visit for the tourists. You will gaze the antique architectural work on the minaret and inspired by the minds of that time.

You Won’t Miss Mausoleum of Mohamed V

This destination is located in front of the Hassan Tower. The mausoleum contains the tombs of the Moroccan king and his sons, late King Hassan II, and Prince Abdallah. The tomb is beautifully decorated which is the display of traditional Moroccan design.

For non-muslims, entering the annexed Mosque is prohibited but they can go to the tomb Chamber if properly  respectfully dressed.

Overlook to the New City

As talked before, The old city and the affiliated areas give you the feel of Spanish influence, the new city has a very different message for you. If you are roaming in the streets of the new city, you will see the architecture which reminds the French colonial era.

Not only this, the New city offers you the visit to the Archaeology Museum and the postal museum.

The Royal Palace of Rabat is a must visit place. It is situated in the south of the city. To your information, the Palace is no open to the public as the current king still uses the place, But yes, The exterior of the palace gives you an opportunity to get good photographs for the memories.

Did you think about where to live while in Rabat?

Ideally, the very central location of the cit suites the tourists so they can move around very easily. In Rabat, for you, The city Center os the right place to live. It is located on the edge of everything, be it the Kasbah, old city and the other Morocco attractions. If you are solo traveling, you can adjust with an option but if with family, you may opt for the Riads with the reasonable prices there, Plenty of the hotels are there too for the better-facilitated living during your holidays in Morocco.