10 Fun Things to Do During the Day Time in Goa

Are you planning a getaway in Goa with a group of friends and looking for interesting things to

do? Fret not! We’re here to help with a list of the craziest and most energizing ways to have a

good time! Whether you’re touring solo or with family or friends, Goa is teeming with adventures

that will truly sweep you off your feet. So without wasting any time, let’s dive into the list of things to indulge in for some real respite:

1. Exploring the Wilderness

Situated in India’s Western Ghats, Goa has some of the country’s most exotic beaches as well

as dense rainforests that are home to an incredible variety of animals and vegetation. A trekking

trip through this region’s dense jungle would not only be exciting but educating as well. And the

best part of this tour is the complementary ride on the back of an elephant towards the end of

the trek. This forest trail winds past native spice cultivation farms before approaching the

Bhagvan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary.

2. Banana Boat Ride at Baga Beach

The banana boat ride is perfect for those who want to have a fun ride in Goa’s crystal-clear

waters. And Baga Beach is the ideal location to start this amazing trip! The boat is a

banana-shaped tube attached to a speedboat that propels you swiftly down the water. Before

the ride, you’ll get all the necessary safety information.

3. Speed Boating at Baina Beach

Another thrilling activity that draws large crowds of tourists is speed boating. These are all

100–135 cc boats and their top speed is often about 15–20 mph. It can even go up from 30 to 40

miles per hour if you’re smart enough to know how to control it. Baina Beach is one of the spots

you can easily rent a speed boat and spiral through the sea to an ecstasy of thrill!

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4. Paragliding at Arambol Lake

Freshwater Arambol Lake is one of Goa’s most famous tourist attractions, thanks to its isolated

beach and stunning views of the Arabian Sea. Due to the lake’s closeness to Goa’s capital,

travelers flock here in great numbers to enjoy the excitement of paragliding. With the support of

expert pilots, the entire exercise lasts for around 20–30 minutes above the sea. The paragliding

schools in Arambol provide each participant with skilled instruction by trained professionals.

5. Parasailing at the Baga Beach

Apart from its upscale shacks, and delectable cuisine, Baga Beach is renowned for its many

water sports and adventure activities, with parasailing being one of the most well-known. The

entire thrill of flying 300 feet above the earth while taking in the stunning view of the bright sky

and natural beaches are enthralling.

6. Go for Bumpy Boat Ride

The bumpy ride is another thrilling sport that Baga beach is noted for. In this ride, the person

and their companions are fastened to a tugboat that is further hooked to another boat. As the

boat starts to sail, it drags the tugboat behind it, sending water splashing over the waves. All in

all, this exciting ride is well worth the price.

7. Fishing for Sport in Panjim

Due to the rise in the number of angling enthusiasts in Goa, the sector is witnessing significant

growth at the moment. The backwaters of Goa are perfect for sport finishing, and because of

the presence of top-notch gear and equipment in this region. You can try your hand at angling in

Panjim. Many skilled individuals throng to Goa to practice and perfect the many angling

techniques, including bottom fishing, popping, casting, fly fishing, and trolling.

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8. Scuba Diving on Grand Island

A journey to Grand Island in Goa is simply not complete without it. With its clean water and

stunning marine life, Grand Island Goa offers one of the top dive experiences in the world. Just

dive into a maximum depth of 30 feet, and marvel at the spectacular underwater vistas and the

fascinating marine ecosystem.

9. Enjoy Snorkeling in Bogmalo

Bogmalo Beach is popular for this activity as the water here is shallow, allowing the participant

to observe the wonderful marine world. This entire exercise lasts around 3 hours and allows one

to see the aquatic life in its natural habitat. Snorkeling is one of those aquatic sports that is

progressively gaining popularity among travelers these days.

10. Discover New Species of Birds

Goa is home to about 423 different bird species, including some rare and unique species. The

state has diverse flora and fauna due to its strategic location in the beautiful Western Ghats. In

addition to being well-known as a beach vacation spot in the nation, this location is popular with

those who like bird watching.


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