Quick Travel Guide to Renting a Villa for Your Vacation

Travelling around the globe can be an expensive habit to upkeep. There are some tips and tricks to ensuring that you are keeping well within your budget – often ones that aren’t really given the consideration the deserve. The most commonly overlooked one is hiring a villa; there are many pros to doing this, especially if you are travelling with a group of friends. But be aware to look out for the cons as well – this is what could trip you up.

Look Online

There are a lot of villas that are available for you to rent by looking and searching online for them. Website like Insider Villas offers luxurious villa that is fit for your travel needs. The internet has become a beacon of research, especially for travelers who are looking for recommendations. This is the key when looking for your next accommodation: see what people before you have said. You may need to visit alternate sites, such as Tripadvisor and Airbnb to get a full view of what everybody thinks – don’t just leave it on one site’s views. It’s critical that you know that the company that you are booking through is valid. There are so many scam and fraud sites operating currently that are only there to take your cash – there is no villa at the end of it, and you may be given a false address just to keep up pretenses. Do your detective work and don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you like – a reputable company will not hesitate in giving you the answers you want.

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Protect Your Booking

Never, ever pay cash for the place that you’re going to be staying in – always pay by debit or credit card. That way, you have a record of how much you have paid, when you have paid it and whom you have paid it to. If you are booking through a company, ensure that it has an ATOL licence to cover you as much as you can. The last thing you want is for the booking to fall through and for you to not receive your money back.  Making sure that you have a good travel insurance policy in place is also another important thing to cover your back. Check through your documents to make sure that you’ve got the correct cover just in case things do start to go wrong.

Get Along

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If you’re going to be sharing a house (and that’s what it is, effectively – a house share), you need to be all of the same frame of mind. Although you’re living in a villa, it offers a flexibility that hotels don’t, and that lack of routine can often cause conflict between those that aren’t used to it. There are things which will need to be discussed beforehand, such as how you will be managing your money (will it all be put into one kitty or will you be sorting everything out of your own pockets?), and who will have to do the chores around the villa (again, it’s not a hotel so it’s unlikely you will have somebody there to do basic cleaning for you unless there is a housekeeper that comes with it). Delegate it between yourselves and there should be no problem.