Why Settle for One Beach When You Can Have Ten?

Which is the best beach in the world? I’ll be darned if I know, as I have only ever got sand in my shoes on about 7 of them. I also have to admit that a cold British wind was whipping round my stinging ears on 5 of them as well.

This leaves me with two foreign beaches to my credit. One in Spain and one in Italy. Now I feel that it is time to see some more and this led me to the original question about which one is the best on the planet.

Photo by Shazwan

The problem is that most of them are too far away just to pop along and see if they are really that great or not. It’s not like when someone tells you that the local supermarket has an offer on beans and you put on your coat and wander round to stock up for the next few weeks. I soon realised that going directly to the best beach in the world wasn’t going to be easy. People talk about fabulous stretches of sand in Thailand, Jamaica, India, Spain, Colombia and the Seychelles as being the best on Earth while I can’t even make my mind up between Blackpool and Bournemouth. You see my problem I am sure. Anyway, I made this list of what I would look for in the best beach to see if it might help narrow things down.


I am not sure that anyone outside of the UK or Finland would even think about this as being worth mentioning. It seems that most of the world’s best beaches automatically include a splash of sunstroke and some unbalanced tap dancing on hot sand but I will stick this in just to be safe.

Photo by Loren Sztajer


I am a big fan of waves as long as they aren’t bigger than I am. The Spanish beach I was on was fine but whenever a big boat passed by the sea turned into a giant version of that wave generating machine which my Physics teachers used to explain very dull things with.

Photo by marina.shakleina

Thing to do

There are two types of beachgoer in the world. There are those who could lie there all week without moving if you hooked them up to a saline drip and those who get bored after 10 minutes of being still. I belong firmly in the second group and want a beach with souvenir stalls, water sports and a bar. Would asking for a pool table be too much?


So with my list of three vital factors I set about my task again. Would you believe that I still couldn’t find somewhere which stands out? Oh sure, Goa looks groovy, Rainbow Beach in Frazer Island is bonzer and Miami is, well, awesome. However, the more I delve the more options I get. Who even knew that Ecuador had beaches?

Photo by over expose

Finally I discovered the way to work out what I need to do. It’s one of two things actually. Either buy a boat and explore the world’s coastlines or go on some cruise trips.  As a lot of great beaches are in the Caribbean and the Mediterranean I could spend a couple of weeks in these places and lie on as many beaches as I can manage without turning purple. It sounds like a tough job but unless someone volunteers in the next ten seconds I’ll need to do it I suppose.


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