Travel Tips: Never Underestimate a Miami Beach Break

The term “beach holiday” might make your eyes roll. When people think about beach holidays, they think of the most banal and boring holidays possible. It’s not they’re unpleasant, exactly. It’s more that they have an air of conformity to them; after all, isn’t a beach holiday what everyone goes on about?

But if you need some sort of vacation, then you shouldn’t dismiss a beach holiday – especially if it’s in Miami, Florida. You may think it’s a bit clichéd, but it really could be exactly what you need. Let’s take a look at the reasons you should consider going to the beaches of Miami for your next vacation.


Chances are you need to relax. Most people are operating under dangerously high levels of stress, and it’s seriously damaging to your health. A lot of us work too hard, or spend most of our time either working or on public transport to and from work. Our downtime isn’t spent doing anything particularly exciting or productive; we’re basically just trying our best to not think about work. If you know about the health effects of stress, then you’ll probably agree that you need a relaxing vacation as soon as possible.

The problem with a lot of vacations is that, while they do provide a nice break from the daily grind, they’re also a little stressful themselves. You still have to deal with hectic itineraries, waves traffic and tourists, etc. There’s simply nothing as relaxing as relaxing on a beach, and it’s perfectly divorced from the ins and outs of everyday life.

Miami beaches are full of activity

When people think about beaches, they tend to imagine someone simply spending all their time lying on the back and soaking up the sun. Though that sounds like the epitome of joy to many, a lot of people know that they can really only do that for so long. So what else can you do on a beach? Well, while some beaches are quite limited when it comes to activities, this certainly isn’t the case in Miami.

If you want to do something really thrilling, then you can look into surfing or jetskiing – this is available from plenty of businesses in the city. If you want to mix relaxation with adventure, then you can look into a yacht charter in Miami. And if you want to be a little creative on your break, then beaches are surprisingly good places to write and draw – especially because people-watching is so easy!


Miami beaches are close to other amenities

Here’s something that’s pretty irritating about most beach holidays: the beach you’re on is usually pretty far from everything else that’s exciting about your location! But when it comes to Miami, you’re at no risk of running into this problem.

The beaches of Miami are never very far from big-name stores, unique small businesses, good restaurants, and even exciting bars and clubs. Sometimes, the feel of the latter items spill out onto the beach in thrilling ways – we’re talking beach parties! Of course, there are plenty of quiet and slightly more remote beaches in the city if this isn’t quite your bag. Whatever particular mood you happen to be in, Miami has a beach for it!

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