Where to Eat Great Sushi in Bucharest?

Let me begin by telling you I actually hate sushi. So why is a person who does not like sushi at all giving advice on where to have it? Because I’ve tried it all, with friends who did enjoy the dish, and here are my (and their conclusions). Why I tried so relentlessly? Well, I am a big Japan fan. I love the country, the culture, the history, the stories it inspired, and a trip to Japan is what I’ve been planning for some time. I wanted to love sushi (although I am not a particular fan of a lot of fish, and eating it raw surely doesn’t make it better).


Photo by Sushi Monger via Wikimedia.

Without further introductions, here are the best restaurants to try Sushi in and the best places to look for one if you don’t know them by name. 

1. Any Big Mall in Bucharest

Romania is certainly not the only place where there’s a connection between amazing sushi and malls. Bucharest (and other major cities) have however taken it a step further. Sure you can find the cheap, fast food court in any mall, but then the upper levels will host restaurants that are best described as luxury. Most malls have at least one sushi/Japanese restaurant, some of them, like Baneasa Shopping City, have two.

2. Any Major Tourist Area

The Victoriei Plaza, the Old Town (Historical City Center), the area around Unirii Plaza, they all attract quite a lot of tourists. It’s safe to say that if you walk around for a bit, you’ll run across a sushi restaurant. The only real issue you’ll have is whether you find a table of not. Yup, they are popular! Yes, I am the only weirdo who does not love sushi.

3. Favorite Sushi Chains

Ten years ago there weren’t so many Japanese restaurants in Bucharest, but they’ve gained a lot more popularity recently. So much so that home deliveries are quite common, we have a couple of established sushi bar chains, and quite a few independent restaurants.

My favorite ever chain is Zen Sushi. They have three different restaurants around Bucharest and the design matches the name. The food is absolutely delicious and it’s great for people like me – I can still join my friends for sushi, but try something else instead. I still have a few vivid dreams about their apple tempura, by the way!

Sushi Ko is the other chain you should definitely try. They’ve been around for a while, and they certainly have some beautiful locations. The Old Town, Baneasa Shopping City, and the Herastrau Lake. The design and decor are absolutely stunning and the sushi is delicious.

4. Independent Restaurants to Try

As I’ve said earlier, sushi bars and restaurants are on an upward trend in Bucharest and the whole country. Quite a few of them have been around for a while, some have recently been opened. But a few you have to try if you love sushi are Yoshi, Edo Sushi, Chico Chillout (although it competes with Sushi Ko as they are both in the Old Town), Samurai, and Haru.