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Where to Eat Great Sushi in Bucharest?

30 July 2015 Let me begin by telling you I actually hate sushi. So why is a person who does not like sushi at all giving advice on where to have it? Because ... read more

Travel Photo of the Day: Water Lilies, Bucharest

22 July 2013 I know, I know, it’s been a while since I posted the last photo in this series. I’ve been crazy busy, but’ I’m back, baby! Today’s pick is a sea ... read more

Cişmigiu Gardens, the Oldest Park in Bucharest

12 June 2013 Cismigiu Gardens Bucharest Cişmigiu Gardens or Cişmigiu Park is the one that’s dearest in the writer in me. It’s the most posh of the Bucharest parks, something that has been carefully put together, with ... read more

Events: GayPride 2013, Bucharest

8 June 2013 The Travel Tweaks team is a strong believer in equal rights and opportunities regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, taste in music or clothing and any and all ... read more

Shanghai Garden, My Favorite Chinese Restaurant in Bucharest

24 May 2013 Shanghai Garden, My Favorite Chinese Restaurant in Bucharest I have to share a little secret: Chinese food is something I learned to love. In the beginning of my life as a restaurant goer (when I was just starting ... read more