Vacation Gone Bad: What to do in a Car Accident

People often save up all year in anticipation of just one simple yet magical vacation. They always plan out exactly where they’ll go, what they’ll do and what they want to see. Unfortunately, few actually prepare for the possibility of an auto accident. The simple truth is that, with more vehicles on the road during typical vacation times, the chances of a person being injured in a car wreck is greatly increased while on vacation. This is why every person should have a plan ready like having a car accident lawyer, just in case these vacation destroyers take place. It’s much better to be prepared than to be stuck in a strange place wondering what to do after an accident.

Car accident

Get Contact Information

After a car accident, one of the most important things to do is to get contact information. It’s important to note however, that this doesn’t just apply to the other person involved in the wreck. It’s also important to get information from those who may have witnessed the incident. Regardless of how apologetic or agreeable the other party is at the time of the wreck, there’s no telling how they’ll act after talking to an attorney or their insurer. This makes it best to always have witnesses who can attest to what really happened.

Contact Local Police

Sadly, many people skip calling the local police because of the assumption that they and the other driver’s insurance company will be able to work things out. This is based on the often misguided idea that insurers are in the business of helping people. They’re not. They’re in the business of making money. Having police come out and file a report however, is a way to ensure that statements don’t get twisted or facts ignored by insurers. A police report is a bit difficult for an insurer to argue with.

Seek Medical Attention

Now obviously, depending on the severity of a person’s injuries, they may need to get medical attention immediately without waiting for the previous steps to be made. Either way, getting medical attention for even seemingly minor injuries is vital. A simple headache or neck pain could actually point towards much more serious injuries. Whiplash, for instance, could eventually lead to chronic pain and even depression, but it usually only starts out as pain in the neck. It’s also important to hang onto all medical bills related to the injury; this is regardless of whether or not they’re paid.

Get an Attorney

It’s often advisable to get an attorney in any personal injury or auto accident matter, but it becomes essential when on vacation. A person from New York, for instance, would have a hard time handling a Miami, Florida auto accident case once they return to their home state. This is because the issue could end up in court, and at that point, it’s going to be in a courtroom in the city where the accident took place. A local attorney, for example a Miami car accident lawyer, can handle insurance companies, negotiate settlements and attend court hearings in their client’s stead. This makes the whole situation incredibly easier for those who experienced an accident while on vacation.

Car accidents are an awful nuisance regardless of when or where they occur. When they happen during our vacations, however, they can be especially disheartening. Luckily, it’s not as if out-of-town accidents aren’t manageable. It’s usually ideal, however, to find a local attorney who handles auto accidents and have them handle the case. This will not only allow a person to finish out their vacation, assuming they’re not seriously injured, but it will also ensure that they can rest in the comfort of their home without having to repeatedly leave town for court.

About the author

Having been in an accident while on vacation, Lisa Coleman shares what a person should do if they were on vacation and experienced such an incident. If you have been involved in an accident while driving locally or on vacation, contact a car accident attorney. And whether it’s a Michigan or a Miami car accident lawyer, have a consult to find out what your rights are.