7 Travel Tips for a Safe Trip

Traveling is such a wonderful experience for most people. Visiting new, exciting destinations is certainly something that we look forward to for some rest and relaxation.  In traveling though, safety is important and you need to be aware of how you can travel safely and be prepared for emergencies that could happen.  Please review these 7 travel tips for a safe and pleasurable trip.

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1. Educate yourself about the destination you are intending to visit

This is especially important if you are traveling overseas.  Check to see that your destination is indeed a safe place to go.  You can contact the country’s embassy website for travel warnings, or you can get in touch with your own country’s minister of foreign affairs to ask about your intended destination.  The important thing is to do your homework before making extensive travel plans.

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2. Get a passport and carry it with you while you are in a foreign country

Your passport is more important than you might think.  Be sure to apply for your passport a few months before you intend to leave the country so that you will have it in time.  Carry it everywhere you go, as it serves as your primary means of identification in a foreign country.

3. Do your research on hotels

A cheap hotel may sound great, but if you end up in a high crime section of town you might be kicking yourself for being a cheapskate.  You want you and your family to be safe and in a safe hotel, so do your homework and check reviews for your hotel, as well as read about the city that it is located in.  I neglected to do this once and ended up in a hotel in a tiny town that had some sort of paper factory in it. There was such a stench in that town because of that factor and it made me sick.  I vowed to always do my research on the intended town as well as the hotel from that day on.


4. Don’t share too much information with strangers

Being friendly is one thing, but spilling your guts to strangers with too much information is not wise while traveling. There are criminals out there that will pump you for information, ask for your business card, and befriend you so they can have access to your home and/or business while you are away on vacation.  Being friendly is great, but use caution when talking with strangers.

5. Don’t travel alone

If you don’t have to travel alone, then don’t.  I understand that sometimes it is necessary for business or pleasure, but traveling with another is the safest means of travel.  If you are alone, do not go out after dark unless absolutely necessary and always take your cell phone with you.

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6. Try to avoid public transportation

Criminals like hanging out around public transportation venues, as there are usually plenty of unsuspecting travelers present.  If you can avoid using public transportation, do so.  You may be safer renting an automobile for your stay.

7. Avoid looking like you’re wealthy and carrying large bags

Let’s just say that if I were a criminal and you were wearing a lot of expensive looking jewelry and carrying a huge, expensive purse (Prada, let’s say), I’d definitely mug you.  I could score hundreds or thousands of dollars worth of jewelry and money in 15 seconds.  Yes, it feels good to wear our jewelry proudly and dress to the max, but in some areas of the world, it is better to go “plain Jane” for safety sake.

The best way to be safe while traveling is to learn about safety before you go. Take some time to read up on what to do in case of emergencies or what to look for while traveling.  There is nothing more important than your safety and I want you to always have a safe and exciting vacation!

About the author

Dominique Rodriguez contributed this article, an expert in travel safety.  Dominique says “make the best of your trip and avoid the headaches.”  Use a credit card with fraud protection that allows you to redeem rewards for free airfare and hotels with a travel rewards credit card.  Remember, don’t carry too much cash and keep a low profile.

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