What to Do When You Get Sick During Vacation

Getting sick on or just before a vacation can be a real downer. If one falls ill just before leaving for a vacation, a few precautions can help you feel better through the flight. If you get sick during a vacation it can be even more unpleasant. Minor illness can easily be treated with medicines but it may mean missing out on a day or two of fun. On the other hand anything major can result in a lot of stress and even bring additional cost if you don’t have travel insurance.

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Inform the flight attendant

If you mention to the flight attendant that you are unwell can turn out to be quite a bonus, even if you are traveling in economy, the flight attendant is sure to take a little extra care. It could translate into extra pillows or blankets and even a more comfortable seat. It will also make matters easier if you happen to take a turn for the worse. They can help expedite medical care on landing.

Take in plenty of fluids

The dry recycled air of a flight can cause dehydration in a healthy person too, so if you are not feeling too well, make it a point to drink a lot of water when flying. This will help keep the body hydrated and stop symptoms of flu or cold from worsening. A helpful attendant may even give you a whole bottle of water instead of refills.

Use the internet

You may be tempted to leave the room and explore the surroundings as soon as you will feel a bit better. Regardless of what you may think this can make you a lot worse. Instead, try connecting with friends, let people know about how you feel, browse for interesting places to see once you are better and stay off your feet.

Start your vacation with a splash

Locate a pharmacy

If you fall, sick a day or so before flying, visit the pharmacist and stock up on medicines, especially if flying abroad. If you start feeling unwell at the airport, locate a pharmacist and again stock up. If you start feeling sick during the flight, ask the attendant’s help to locate a pharmacist after landing. You can also call up the concierge of your hotel to help locate the nearest pharmacy or doctor.

Online gaming

If you are fond of gambling and cannot go to a casino, playing a good game of cards online can change your mood and challenge your mind. Try your hand at some online poker or spin the spin the roulette. You will meet new people sharing you passion, have fun playing in a tournament and why not, play blackjack in a new way.

Rest a little

This may seem the hardest thing to do, but it could turn out to be the best idea.  Take the first day of the vacation off for a complete rest. It will play havoc with your itinerary but will be just the thing your body needs. A complete day of relaxing and resting in the hotel along with the right meds and plenty of fluids is bound to make you feel good enough to continue with the vacation.