Tips to Visit Dubai on the Cheap Without Burning to a Crisp

Dubai might not be the closest travel destination, but is certainly worth the air fare! Luxurious, exotic, peppered with cultural attractions, and surrounded by the deserts and the history gems of the United Arab Emirates, what’s not to like? It also happens to be a moderate Arab country, and quite advanced from an economic standpoint. High-end tourist attractions and exhilarating activities are at your fingertips.

Dubai by night

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While it is quite possible to visit Dubai without breaking the bank, you’ll have to plan your trip carefully. Cheap hotels in Dubai are not hard to come by, but to make sure you secure the lowest prices, you’ll have to travel between mid-April and mid-October. The downside? Your worst enemy will be the scorching heat. Here are a few tips to help you plan an off-season trip to Dubai and make sure you enjoy it without major sunburn or heat stroke.

Wake up Early and Stay up Late

Being an early bird and a night owl at the same time sounds crazy, but you can always compensate by napping in your hotel room while the heat is at its worst. Air conditioning will keep you cool and well rested. Early hikes around the main attractions and late night dinners will save you from overdosing on suntan lotion and discovering it can only do so much for you. There are plenty of fun night-time activities, like motorcycle tours by night, or you can opt for an evening desert safari with dinner or barbecue included.

Cool off at the Mall

You might say shopping is not for you or the sole purpose of your trip, but there’s a lot more happening at the mall. You can observe the local customs, enjoy the restaurants, or visit an aquarium. You can even jump right in and swim with the sharks! As it gets so hot and people are forced to stay inside, the malls have evolved to provide enough entertainment to last you till the temperature drop.

Dubai Mall Aquarium


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Take to the Sky

The further you get from the surface of the earth, the cooler it is. If it’s late morning or early afternoon, instead on roaming the city streets opt for an aerial tour of Dubai. If you are an adrenaline junkie, now’s the time for that sky diving experience you were dying for. Either way, the views from up high are breathtaking and the cooler air and your heart pummeling its way out of your chest will make you forget about the heat for a while.

Go Skiing and Play in the Snow

Ski Dubai might imply it’s merely an indoor ski slope, but it’s actually the largest snow park in the world that’s not outside. You’ll have your pick between ski and snowboarding slopes, snowrobics, and swimming with snow penguins. If you don’t know how to ski, don’t worry, there are learning programs as well.

Now that you know how to stay cool and enjoy cheap off-season trips to Dubai, you’ll need the practical details, and here’s a very complete list that will help you sort out everything.

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