Photo Walk in the Harbor of Hoorn, the Netherlands

Hoorn Harbor

Dating back to 716, Hoorn is a harbor of stunning beauty whenever you visit it. Be it in spring or summer, at the break of spring or in late autumn, this rather small town 35 kilometers north of Amesterdam greets you with its neatly stationed boats, its fairytale unicorn which is the symbol of Hoorn, winding, narrow streets, canals that used to lead to busy warehouses, residential and pricey neighborhoods and modern buildings to complement the predominant Dutch style.

Hoorn Harbor

The harbor, busy during week days, quiet on a Sunday morning, is the place you don’t want to miss on your walk. Investigate the flags and design of the smaller and larger boats surrounding the former prison house. With the sea on one side and  beautiful lake on the other, the harbor area features lively cafes and restaurants, a view of the ever changing Dutch skies and crowded two or three-floor houses with friendly people walking by.

Get lost on the neighboring streets and window-shop, have a hot chocolate if you’re not there in the summer, or if you are, have some traditional apple pie.

The people, the buildings, the statues, they make for perfect photographing subjects. If you want lively photos with people all around, try a busy week day. If you want snapshots of Hoorn’s architecture, try taking a stroll early on a weekend morning.

Hoorn is also the scene of many events. If you’re lucky like I was on a trip two years ago, you’ll enjoy horse racing and an old cars exhibit on the same day. On special occasions, unicorns of all shapes and sizes take over the city, offering an other-worldly feel to the streets of Hoorn, contrasting with the ultramodern everyday technology.

The best experience you’ll get through a walking tour. If you want a faster means of touring the city, I recommend a bike. As it happens throughout the Netherlands, there are plenty of dedicated routes and you surely will have plenty of company!

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4 Comment to “Photo Walk in the Harbor of Hoorn, the Netherlands”

  1. Clair says:

    I live in the Netherlands and I’ve been to Hoorn sometimes, its such a beautifulltown with history as it was a VOC harbor.

  2. travellyn says:

    I haven’t been to this particular town in the Netherlands, but I did spend a few weeks in Holland in 2009 in time for the Tulip Festival at Keukenhof ,and we were also in time to stand amid the fields of tulips. The gardens and fields were a wonderful experience. We did visit a beach on a cold bleak day called BadNoord. It was a dull day and the ocean looked black so I thought it was aptly named. Too spoilt with our Queensland Blue skies, sunshine and sparkling blue waters. I really enjoyed Holland it was very friendly to travel and the people likewise.

  3. Hoorinees says:

    My city! B-E-AUTIFUL!

  4. It is beautiful indeed 🙂

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