Things Worth Tasting, Trying, or Learning at the Source

Some things can be experienced or tasted anywhere in the world. But there are those unique activities that are better done at the source, things worth traveling across and around the world for, just to ensure a genuine experience. Here’s my list of things I wouldn’t like to try anywhere else than in the countries that gave them life or made them famous:

1. Learning to Tango in Argentina

Yes, you heard me right! I want to learn the tango in Argentina. No experience could ever match that, ever! I blame it all on a movie called the Tango Lesson, but I just can’t imagine any better way of dancing the tango… It might never happen, but I’d gladly cross a few countries and a huge ocean to get the real deal.

2. Champagne and Cheese in France

A tour of France with assorted Champagne tastings and a sinfully fattening variety of cheese sounds better than anywhere else in the world. We are talking books written to tell you what different type of cheese to eat in every day of the year, that’s what the French have given us. Good wines can be found everywhere in the world and Champagne may very well be nothing more than a sparkling wine, I still think it should be properly experienced in the region that gave it its name.

3. Rum and Cigars in Cuba

I honestly can’t imagine any of these two tasting better anywhere in the world! Mind you, I’m not much of a drinker, nor much of a smoker, but there is something about having a genuine Cuban cigar and drinking some rum in Cuba that just gets my imagination flowing. So why not check some Cuba holiday deals and plan to travel there and have fun?

4. Learning the Samba in Rio de Janeiro

Can you say Carnival? Can you think of any that involves samba and is more famous than the one in Rio? Me either. Learning to dance and taking part in the festivities, everything if the wonderful Brazil, would be such a dream come true!

5. Belly Dancing in Turkey or any Arabic country

Oh, I can see the bright costumes, hear the enticing sound of the garments as the belly dancers move. Traditional on New Year’s Eve celebration in Turkey and common occurrence everywhere in the Arabic world, belly dancing should be experienced right there! Learn it, dance it, watch it, just make sure you’ve got your tips ready!

6. Cherry Blossoms in Japan

Every book, movie, manga, anime, anything Japan will speak of cherry trees blossoming. They do blossom everywhere in the world, but I can’t imagine any such experience matching the Japanese one!