Must-Visit Wineries And Distilleries In Pigeon Forge


Pigeon Forge is like a giant playground full of adventures, with its towering mountains and thrilling theme parks, but guess what? It’s also a place where grown-ups can go on an adventure of their own, tasting all sorts of yummy wines and spirits.

Imagine being in a place surrounded by the most beautiful mountains you’ve ever seen, and hidden in these mountains are special spots where they make magic potions. Well, not exactly magic potions, but something adults find just as exciting – wines and spirits!

Now, let’s talk about the wineries, which are like magical kitchens where they turn grapes into wine. These aren’t just any wines; they’re special because they capture the taste of the Smoky Mountains in a bottle. It’s like each sip tells a story of the sun shining down on the vineyards and the cool mountain air mixing with the scent of the grapes. Visiting these wineries is like going on a treasure hunt, where the treasure is finding your favorite wine and learning how it’s made. It’s a place where you can see how grapes from the local vineyards transform into the delicious drink in your glass, all with the beautiful mountains watching over you.

So, Pigeon Forge isn’t just about roller coasters and hikes; it’s also a journey through vineyards and distilleries where adults can explore and taste the special flavors that only this place can offer. It’s a whole different kind of adventure that makes Pigeon Forge even more special.

Mountain Valley Vineyards

Mountain Valley Vineyards is like a hidden treasure in Pigeon Forge, a place where they make some really awesome wines that have even won prizes! Imagine going to a place where you can see where grapes turn into wine, and you can even taste different kinds of wines to see which one you like best. It’s one of the oldest places in Pigeon Forge to make wine, which means they’ve been doing it for a long time and know all the secret tricks to make their wine taste super good.

When you visit Mountain Valley Vineyards, it’s not just about tasting wine. They take you on a cool adventure where you can see all the steps of how wine is made, from the beginning when it’s just grapes to when it’s ready to drink. They show you around and tell you stories about each wine, like where it comes from and why it tastes the way it does. And the best part? You get to taste wines that you can’t find anywhere, especially the ones they make right there.

So, if you’re ever in Pigeon Forge with your family, don’t forget to check out Mountain Valley Vineyards. It’s a fun place where you can learn a lot and try some of the best wines around. Plus, it’s a great way to see why Pigeon Forge wineries and distilleries are so special and famous for making yummy drinks!

Apple Barn Winery

Imagine a place where, instead of grapes, they use apples to make wine! That’s exactly what the Apple Barn Winery in Pigeon Forge does, and it’s as cool as it sounds. This winery is special because it turns juicy apples into delicious wines. Picture this: rows of big and small apple trees, ready to be turned into something adults love to sip. And the best part? This winery sits in a place so pretty, it’s like stepping into a postcard, with beautiful views that make everything taste even better.


When you visit the Apple Barn Winery, it’s not just about tasting apple wine. They have all these fun things to do, like learning how apple wine is made, which is super interesting. Plus, they pair their wines with yummy foods, making the flavors pop even more. Think of having a slice of apple pie with apple wine – it’s a match made in heaven! And if you go at the right time, they have special events that celebrate the seasons, like when they harvest the apples or when it’s time to cozy up for winter. It’s like a year-round party with apples at the center of it all.

So, if you’re ever in Pigeon Forge and want to try something really different, the Apple Barn Winery is the place to go. It’s not just about the wine; it’s about having fun, learning something new, and enjoying nature’s beauty. Plus, apples! Who knew they could be so exciting?

Old Forge Distillery

The Old Forge Distillery is a super cool place in Pigeon Forge that’s like a time machine, taking you back to when people first started making drinks in the Smoky Mountains. Imagine a place where every bottle tells a story about the old days, with recipes that have been around for a really long time. They make their drinks the way people did a hundred years ago, but they also try out new ideas, mixing old secrets with new flavors to create something awesome.

Their most famous drinks are called “moonshine,” which is a really strong and clear drink, and they have all sorts of flavors you might never have thought could be in a drink, like apple pie or peach! Going to Old Forge Distillery is like going on an adventure because you can taste these amazing drinks (if you’re old enough, of course) and see how they’re made. They show you around the place, let you smell the ingredients, and tell you stories about how they turn corn and other stuff from farms into these cool drinks.

Visiting Old Forge Distillery isn’t just about tasting; it’s like stepping into a storybook about the Smoky Mountains, where every flavor has a tale of adventure and discovery. It’s a place where the old ways meet new ideas, making it a super fun stop on any trip to Pigeon Forge.

Junction 35 Spirits

Imagine walking into a place where the old way of making yummy drinks meets cool new ideas. That’s what Junction 35 Spirits is all about! It’s like a magical kitchen where traditional recipes are mixed with new flavors to create something super delicious. They don’t just make one kind of drink; they have a whole bunch of different ones, like whiskies that warm you up, vodkas as clear as mountain water, and rums that make you think of pirates and the sea.

But wait, there’s more! Junction 35 Spirits isn’t just about tasting drinks. It’s a place where you can sit down, order a burger or something else tasty from their restaurant, and sip a drink that’s just been made right there. And guess what? They even show you how they make their drinks with a tour so you can see all the secret steps to making something that tastes good. Plus, they have a cocktail bar where they mix their drinks into cool new concoctions you’ve probably never tried before.

So, if you’re ever in Pigeon Forge and looking for a fun place to explore, remember Junction 35 Spirits. It’s not just a spot to try new drinks; it’s an adventure where old traditions and new ideas come together to make something awesome. Plus, you get to eat and learn something cool—what’s not to love about that?

Enhancing Your Visit

When you go exploring the wineries and distilleries in Pigeon Forge, think of it as a big adventure where every sip lets you taste a little bit of a story. To have the best time, try visiting in the morning or during the week when it’s not too crowded. This way, you can chat more with the people who make the wine and spirits, and they can tell you cool secrets about how everything is made. Plus, you might get to try more flavors if there aren’t lots of other visitors around.


Now, tasting all those different wines and spirits is like being a flavor detective. Start with the lightest drinks and move to the stronger ones so your taste buds can catch all the different notes and not get overwhelmed. And remember, it’s okay to spit out wine after tasting if you’re trying a lot, just like the pros do!

To make your adventure even more epic, visit other fun spots in Pigeon Forge. Maybe after tasting some apple wine, head over to an apple orchard or a cool museum. Or, after learning about how whiskey is made, check out a cowboy show to keep the Wild West vibe going. This way, your whole day becomes a story where every part, from the sips you take to the places you visit, adds up to a super fun adventure!


Imagine going on a treasure hunt in Pigeon Forge, but instead of looking for gold, you’re discovering the secret world of making yummy drinks like wines and spirits. It’s like being a detective but for your taste buds! Pigeon Forge has these cool places called wineries and distilleries, where they make drinks from fruits and grains. It’s not just about tasting; it’s about seeing how they turn apples or grains into something so different and delicious. It’s like magic!

When you visit these places, you’re not just trying new drinks; you’re learning cool stuff about how people in Pigeon Forge use what grows around them to make something special. It’s like taking a little piece of the Smoky Mountains and bottling it up. This adventure is a super fun way to see what makes Pigeon Forge special, not just for its mountains and rides but for its amazing drinks too.

So, are you ready for an adventure that’s a little different? Let’s go on this flavorful journey through Pigeon Forge. Every drink you try is like a story of this place, filled with tradition, new ideas, and the beauty of the mountains. It’s going to be an awesome trip, finding out how each sip tells you something cool about Pigeon Forge and the Smoky Mountains.