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Osaka: A Complete and Unique Travel Experience in Japan

3 January 2018 Cherry Blossoms, Osaka, Japan Japan has been at the top of my travel wish list since I was a kid. I grew up reading “Shogun,” watching anime, and taking karate lessons. To say that ... read more

Things Worth Tasting, Trying, or Learning at the Source

27 January 2014 Some things can be experienced or tasted anywhere in the world. But there are those unique activities that are better done at the source, things worth traveling across and around ... read more

Ready for Fall Colors?

21 August 2013 What’s fall if not the perfect season to watch leaves change colors? Be it the parks in your city, the nearby hiking trails, the mountain forests, or just the trees ... read more

Explore: Southern Japan

25 June 2013 Explore: Southern Japan Planning Your Trip Due to Japan’s mountains and surrounding warm seas, it has a very diverse and varying climate. If you are adverse to tropical conditions then its best to avoid ... read more

Travel Blog of the Week: Muza-chan.net Takes on Japan

15 June 2013 Muza-chan’s Gate to Japan is a lot more than that! It’s not just a door allowing you to enter, it’s also a guide to even the most obscure parts of ... read more

5 Sights You Must See from Bird’s Eye View

6 June 2012 The Earth is a big planet from the human point of view, holding upon it hundreds of nations, thousands of cities and millions of natural wonders for the avid sightseer ... read more

5 Practical Tips for Travelling in Tokyo

23 March 2012 5 Practical Tips for Travelling in Tokyo A Tokyo holiday promises an exotic experience, where the sushi is fresh, cultures clash and technology soars. As a result, landing in Tokyo can be overwhelming at the best of ... read more